"Saving one pet won't change the world, 
but for that one pet, the world will change forever"

On any occasion that is celebrated with love, people like to gift their loved ones to show how much they mean them. The choices are too many to pick when the gift makers make it difficult for you with numerous items to choose from. The trick is always knowing the person better and what their likes and dislikes are. However, there is one thing that most people go wrong with is choosing a pet animal to give to someone. Of course, people who sell cute little puppies and kittens will not make it easier for you with those beautiful photos of little ones placed in baskets as cute buns or chocolates to be gifted. If you are one of them thinking of gifting a puppy or a kitten to someone you love, be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter, mom, spouse, dad, sister, brother, friend, etc., please stop and reconsider. Because animals are not supposed to be given as gifts as they are not an item but a living soul who breathes, eats, and feels just like us.

Over the years there were a lot of campaigns raised to spread awareness about not buying a pet animal instead to adopt one. However, people at large are still either unaware of the way the animal sale works or chose to ignore it. The breeding industry has gotten so worse that, breeders stoop to such low levels that they torture the mother dogs and do not care what happens to them. Since the demand for puppies of different breeds is in ever high demand, the breeders are striving to make money. Be it a home-bred or a puppy mill, getting a dog pregnant, making her give birth, and then selling her babies for your profit is never right. Do not fall for the belief that a dog or a cat should give birth at least once to be healthy because they don’t have to.

1. Puppy or Kitten mills

The breeders consider this as a business and so they have a huge place where they keep multiple female breed dogs or cats. These female dogs or cats are mated, to give birth and their babies are sold to you when you ask for a cute puppy or kitten. No, you will not see this place as the person you would meet is someone who looks like a nice family person and would have a cute little one happily running around in his house, which will make you believe that your pup is healthy. The fact is most of these mills are the dirtiest place, and the animals are kept in the worst of conditions. They may have never seen the daylight, might have never stepped out of their cages, might have not got a proper meal, no proper clean water to drink, and would have never seen a vet in their life. Many of them would be suffering in pain, might be bleeding from the torture they endure from the ill-handling of these breeders. But that is not what you would see, because then obviously no one likes to have a puppy or a kitten from such a place, do they? Yet, every time you want to buy a tiny little puppy or kitten of a foreign breed dog or a cat, this is what you would be supporting. You will be the reason for the pain of an innocent animal who was a pup or a kitten once and wanted to live a life just like any other that you want to gift to someone you love.

Do not blindly believe the lies that you hear. Some of such lies that are often told to be true,

  1.  “The puppies are from a female dog of a home environment and are well cared for and loved”. Would you go and check the mother dog and in what condition she is? Most do not do this, and you never know.
  2. “The mom is checked by a vet regularly and is a healthy dog or a cat”. Again, do you check the medical records of the mom dog or a cat and the father pet along with the ancestors as the genes are passed on?
  3. “A particular breed of dog is suitable for you based on your lifestyle”. True that you have to consider if having a dog or a cat is suitable to your lifestyle, however going on the words of someone who tells you which dog you should buy is just meaningless because having a pet is a responsibility that one must be prepared for many years to come, which is something a breeder would not worry about as long as you pay the amount and take the puppy or kitten. Certain breeds are suitable to particular climatic conditions and getting them without learning if they can live in your environment and forcing them to adjust as they grow, is wrong.

The lies are never-ending especially when you ask for a puppy or a kitten of a breed dog or a cat.

2. Pets should never be gifted

Animals are not a gift item to be gifted even if the person loves animals. Because loving an animal from photos that you see on the internet or at a far distance is entirely different from caring for one and being responsible for the care it involves. That cute little puppy or kitten you want to gift will live for at least about 15 years. Ask yourself if,

  • The person who you want to give a pet as a gift, will be ready to tend to the care the pet needs?
  • Is the person old enough to understand all the hygiene a pet requires?
  • Will the person have time and resources to take care of a pet animal?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you decide to gift a pet to anyone. Because animals are once brought into a home and when surrounded by a house full of people, they too get attached. When the person to whom you want to gift, cannot handle a pet after a certain number of days/months and decides to give him or her back it gets extremely difficult for the pet to adjust to a new home and people. For some, it can be a traumatizing experience and may face behavioral issues, which is not a mistake of the pet but yours and the person to whom you gifted. Also, once a puppy or a kitten is grown a little older, finding a new home gets very difficult because others also want a tiny little puppy or cute little kitten just like how you wanted.

Parents often make this mistake when their child wants a companion of a pet. Your child is too young to take care of a pet, He/she may play with and do some small stuff. However, a pet is like having another child. She or he needs similar care and love that you would give to your human kid. Are you, as a parent, ready for this commitment? Adopt a pet only if you answer yes, or else please do not get an animal into our house.

3. Disadvantages of buying a dog or cat

A dog is a dog whichever breed the dog is, but the sad part is the way the pup was born. I am not against any breed of a dog or cat in particular, but the breeders who have zero ideas about the breed, their nature, and behavior. Some of the many disadvantages in buying a pup or kitten are,

  1. Illegal breeders separate the pups and kittens before a minimum of eight weeks, which is the wrong age to separate them. This causes behavior and health issues in the little ones. A mother teaches her young ones all the necessary skills and feeds them. The milk from the mother makes the babies stronger which gives them the immunity to fight diseases as they grow and stay stronger. When you buy them at less than eight weeks of age and put them on kibble or packaged food diet, your pup or kitten is on a clock to develop serious health problems. No matter what food you give, it does not equal the mother’s milk, care, and love.
  2. Puppies and kittens play and learn to socialize with their siblings and other older dogs or cats around them, and that is how they learn at an early age. When you buy from a breeder, especially ask for a single one thinking your budget doesn’t allow for a pair, trust me you are going to spend a lot of money on this pet you are getting home. The little ones that are separated too early from their mother and siblings are bound to develop health problems that will take longer to show up and then for you to identify the root cause. It’s a long road from there for trying to correct your mistakes.
  3. Each breed is suitable for a certain climate, for example, a husky is better suited for a colder climate. Buying an animal as a status symbol to show your richness is cruel and injustice to that animal as its survival will be difficult.
  4. Most do not research about the breed and their necessities of food and environment to grow in the right way. This again causes health and behavioral issues.
  5. The genes are passed on to the little ones from the mother dog that are in a bad condition. This can cause genetic disorders which are often seen in breed dogs and cats.

The first place most look to have a pet animal is a pet store, which is the wrong place to start with. Many of us think that having a purebred foreign animal is the right one to have for a pet. But the Indian native dogs are the best ones suitable to our native climate. They adjust faster and are equally lovable and intelligent as any other breed.

4. Advantages of adopting a pet

There are plenty of reasons why you should adopt and not buy.

  1. When you adopt, the rescuer or the pet parent would be careful in doing the right thing and would make sure they are at the right age to be adopted.
  2. The little ones would have got timely vaccinations, and medical treatments as they have grown up, including the parent dog or cat, which ensures their immunity.
  3. By adopting, you would save the lives of two animals and not just one. The pet you would adopt, and giving the space for another rescue to reach your rescuer.
  4. On a side advantage, You will find great friends with like-minded people and with a beautiful support system. When buying from a breeder, the minute you pay the money and bring home your pet, any further conversation with him or she is a dead end. Adoption will open gates for a lifetime of new bonds.
  5. Adopting a pet costs you way less than buying. It's inexpensive but a lifetime of treasure.
  6. When you chose to adopt, you are choosing against animal cruelty and that is the greatest deed.
  7. Rescue pets know how to show love and trust me, they will win over your heart in no time. Give it a shot and tell me if I'm right or not.
  8. Adopting an adult has its benefits. Since the dog or cat is already grown up, their personality is known and may not have major changes in the behavior. Of course, it might take some time to adjust to a new place, but if you are patient and understanding, they will open up soon. They aren’t humans to take too long to adjust. "The beauty of animals is to forget easily and never have a grudge against anyone. They live in the moment".
  9. The Indian breed is one of the finest to have as a pet. Since they have the tolerance best suited for the Indian climate and are less likely to have health issues that are commonly seen in the foreign breeds. Adopting an Indian breed dog or cat will also reduce the demand for other foreign breeds which will reduce the torture to the poor souls kept caged for breeding purposes. Indian breeds are equally intelligent and loving. Adopting an Indian breed is the new cool because that shows your true love towards animals rather than your richness.

If you are someone who believes in second chances and has knowledge about the kind of care any particular breed needs, please reach out to adoption centers and give a chance at life for a rescued and abandoned. Remember, a Rescued animal is not broken, but failed by heartless humans. The day we all stop asking for little puppies and kittens, the demand for it goes low, and breeders have to stop as well.

5. How to adopt?

Give a home to the one struggling in your community. Always reach out to your local shelter and find out about the available pets for adoption. However, search with caution as there are people who do a breeding business behind the screens and call it home breeding, rescue operations, etc. Research, talk to known people, and find out all the details you can. The Internet can be of great help here. Facebook and Instagram have pet adoption groups as well, where individual rescuers post for the adoption of their rescues. Join the groups, check out and connect. Always do your due diligence. A responsible pet rescuer/foster and adopter will be the one who would not hesitate to talk through adoption forms and processes and get them signed. Kindly be patient in answering all the necessary questions as an adopter that are asked by the rescuer or a team member of the shelter because for a rescuer, handing over the pet to you and finding the right home to their lovely rescues is a responsibility they carry for a lifetime.

Please adopt and
don't buy your pet.

.    .    .