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What is productivity? The answer may differ for every individual as each may see life differently. Have you ever wondered why some women manage their homes and live better than others? Do they have some mantra or a magic wand that they can just create extra time or work gets done with a snap of their fingers?

What if I told you that yes, there is a mantra or a magical wand that gets all the work done effortlessly and helps you to be a productive homemaker? Read on below to know the secrets of being a hands-on homemaker and make your days gratifying.

"Productivity is less about what you do with your time and more about how you run your mind."

On a general idea, a homemaker is normalized that whatever work you do, is not so important and you can do it at leisure. But people and the entire house comes crumbling down when you stop working. This is definitely an underpaid job, but however, we do it for the love of family. Do not forget the fact that the house is your home because of what you do and manage. For it to run smoothly, it's essential that you prioritize your work and plan your day ahead.

Here is a step-by-step guide for managing your day productively.

1. Have a good night’s sleep:

Let’s talk about the last thing you do in the day, first. As your day depends on it. Sleep is very much important to anyone. Humans and animals both. Getting an adequate amount of sleep, helps you to be active and productive during your day. Make sure to catch up with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. You would be able to work better with good sleep. When you are sleep deprived your level of concentration goes down and you are likely irritated which slows you down. It also invites a host of disorders and health issues in a long term. So, to make sure your day runs effectively, make it a habit to sleep well the previous night. If you have any difficulties sleeping or falling asleep, it’s time to make an appointment with your family doctor.

2. Wake up and sleep at regular timings:

As much as possible, follow regular timings to sleep and to wake up. Having a routine helps you to stick to a schedule and your body regulation as well. Early to rise and early to bed might sound like boring and age-old phrase, but it works excellently when you follow. Most of us rush into the day as soon as we wake up and ignore the bed or the room we slept in. For me, it’s a habit of making sure the bed is made before I rush into the morning chorus. Because that gives a sense of being productive, first thing in the morning. Wake up early, so you have enough time to make your bed, freshen up, and exercise.

3. Make a to-do list:

We are humans and not robots. It’s natural for us to forget things and this is why a to-do list is a must. Technology is so forward these days, that we get to-do lists in all forms. You can maintain a simple paper book of a to-do list or hang it on a digital board that gives you reminders, etc. Whatever works but plan your day ahead. Make a list of all the things that you need to do or need your attention. Plan what time you would be able to attend to them and set reminders accordingly if need be. Do not postpone any of it, if possible as it will only pile up on top of another. I use a whiteboard in my room and one in my kitchen. The board in the room has a checklist of all personal stuff while the kitchen has general stuff, like grocery shopping, booking a gas cylinder, paying the electric bills, etc. The list need not be the same for you as it depends on what work you and your family handle together, which is my sixth point. But make sure to list down your work and plan the day ahead. Keep it realistic and do not add those which you cannot do on a particular day.

4. Eat a good breakfast:

The reason we call it a break the fast, is because you should always eat at proper intervals of time. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and after a gap of more hours, you should eat the right kind of food. Heavy breakfast and with more calories will slow you down making you lazy. At the same time, skipping breakfast can also cause lower concentration and energy. So eat a healthy breakfast.

5. Learn to say No:

Most women do not say no to family and friends and overload their day ending up doing other's work than their own. End of the day, your work is still pending which makes you dissatisfied. To say no to friends and family is not as easy as we think but we must understand that it is necessary. Be polite but say no, when someone asks you to handle their chorus and it’s not possible for you to make time for it.

6. Involve your family:

Share your work with your family and let them do a simple chorus which can give you extra time. Teach children to give you a hand right from a young age. Many a time, women do not ask for help nor share their work, as she is often guilt-tripped into thinking that housework is only for a woman to do and not for men. Dear woman, come out of this misconception and share your work and ask your family members to pitch in. There is no shame in asking for help. This will save you time as well as keep your family members healthy. Children will learn to be independent when they know how to cook and maintain their home, irrespective of gender.

7. Make time for yourself:

Women always neglect one person while they take care of everyone else in the family that is themselves. When you organize your day and work, make a note for some time just for yourself, to do anything you like. Be it a simple activity or just sitting with a book and coffee. The purpose of it is to relax and energize you. Like to draw? Knit? Stitch? Crochet? Write? Sing? Dance? Gardening? Or anything else? Do it and be content. Your family is happy only if you are happy.

Productivity is all about organizing and planning things ahead. What you want in your life and how it should be is always your choice. The goal is to be happy and live a content life. According to me, that is being productive. 

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