Tom Cat 

I have to go,
don't wait for me,
It's not you am afraid of,
but it's my own.

I have to go,
for he is younger
and stronger,
while my bones,
are weaker and older.

Living on this street,
my entire life,
I learned no kindness,
there was none,
to show me what it is.

I fought, I won,
many battles,
all for food,
and to call some space,
as my home.

I lost my tooth,
and my partial vision,
as I cannot battle aging,
and that’s when I found you.

Thank you for the food,
a place to rest,
but I can't trust you more,
for all my life,
your species was unkind.

I have to go,
for I have no strength,
to fight, to live,
no home to be safe.

I trust none,
for trust is a trap.
I make no promises,
for I am tired.

I've killed,
big and small,
I regret none,
for what I do,
Is to live.

I have to go,
As I am scared,
for my body,
cannot support anymore.

Until we meet again,
Tom Cat

.    .    .