I was forced to wake up,
by the blinding sun rays.
For I had not slept all night,
as my stomach rumbled with hunger!
I opened my eyes to look around,
slowly realizing where am I.
Phew...phew ... came the whistle sound,
of the garbage-picking lady,
and I ran hoping to find some food.
Sometimes she gave me something,
but most times she shoved me off.
I lie down in hunger again,
Knowing not how to stop the hunger.
Don't shove me off, for I have no strength,
let me feel the comfort of sand,
in the blanket of greens.
as the shop I found biscuits,
is also closed.
When the dark came,
I still lay there not knowing
how to survive,
Honk, honk! came the sound and,
it was a lady with a bucket.
My stomach screamed louder
when my nose smelled food.
She put it out for me,
And called me to eat.
Do I eat it? Should I?
My hunger cried eat it now,
And I ate.
I slept in my sand bed tonight,
With the cool breeze, dreaming,
as I truly slept.
Honk honk lady came again and again,
until my biscuit shop,
was open again. 

.    .    .