Source: Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

Have you ever found yourself stuck with a feeling that makes your stomach churn and your mind fuzzy? A feeling which grows and starts taking shape in the form of regret or guilt? Feelings that leave you dismayed and helpless. They do not belong to the present but somewhere from the past. From something which has taken place against our will and desire. What is the past? Past is what has already happened. Past is what you did, what you perceived, what happened to you. It is something which you can’t change.

Efforts put into something once, to achieve it, but never getting success in that, is hard to swallow. People break. The perception about their life breaks, their self-image takes a hard blow. They start to blame. Blaming themselves, their dreams, and their fate. At first, they take it as a hard blow but as time goes by, it becomes more and more suffocating. Confinement of unimaginable pain. A pain that leaves them with scars all over their mind and soul, scars that time cannot heal. The scars are in the form of fear, regret and helplessness. All these dreams and goals start with such happiness and passion but get left broken. It’s quite hard to believe how fast the world around you get crushed and vanishes. The world which protected you, where you felt safe. But only pain and grief gets left behind.

Past doesn’t define our lives, it doesn’t define ourselves. It is the part where life teaches us how to be stronger, bolder and braver. We shouldn’t give it more value than required. If we do that we will never know how we are going to get stuck forever. We can come out of it and leave it behind by finding something new. A new goal, dream, interest. Which makes us livelier, makes us passionate, confident to face life again. It can be your long desire to write a book or to start your social media journey. It can be anything as long as it makes you happy and free. It can be anything as long as it serves its purpose of keeping away from the past and looking forward to the future.

Let the past be past and your happiness resides in the present. The past doesn’t matter. It is up to the person how much value they give to it. Yes, the past plays a vital role in a person’s life but it doesn’t define their present or future. We should value certain parts of our past by picking out the parts which can help us deal with the present. The past has done everything it can, it has given insights into life along with the pain. The past pains and failures along with pieces of insight give us the courage to build ourselves. So when looking back to your past from the future you see your brave self. you are you of the present, not the past.

No matter how strong the string of your past may be, pull forward and keep moving, where the future awaits you. Let confinements only strengthens you not break your moral. Let it all go and look forward to the many opportunities the present has to offer. Rebuild, redefine and refine yourself from your past self to your future self. The past self has its place, the past and you have our place, the present.

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