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Hello!! Yes, you- the one reading this article— do you have a mobile for communication?! Oops, I missed some more features— entertainment, stocks trading, online shopping, games, essential payments, and the list goes on. In addition to the present situation, we have started using this device for attending meetings, classes, buying groceries and even consulting doctors. So, Overall, Smartphones have turned to be an inevitable necessity of our lives with the whole world working within it.

Nowadays, we are so obsessed with smartphones, that we consider it  our companion (constant)- you know what I mean.... right?! We have successfully become slaves to this human-invention and let it control our lives— calendar for important meetings, to-do lists for groceries and workout, reminders for birthdays and anniversaries (though it's quite a relief  not to have fallen prey to the ugly incidents which follow up if you miss one), calculators, alarms and many more. We even avoid walking from one room to another. A call is enough to get our work done.

An A.C. room, lots of snacks and coke, a bed and a charging point close to our heads is all we need for our survival!! Isn't it crazy? Yes.... Though we think to have been leading a peaceful life— have you ever thought of the serious issues our body and mind would be facing in the coming years?! Have you ever had a thought come to your mind— of how harmful radiations the Smartphone emits and their consequences— or you are normal (like me)? I did know the emissions were injurious but, I did not acknowledge it for what it did unless I was a victim to it. We have a habit of ignorance till we have experience! But now I would like to discuss how damaging it is to our health.

Smartphones are now an integral part of modern telecommunication in an individual's life. There have been scientific studies which have reported changes in sleep patterns, brain activity and reaction time. In May 2011, WHO has recognized the transmissions to be 'possibly carcinogenic for humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain cancer'.

You might have some questions regarding these radiations. Let me help you with it.

Emissions are electro-magnetic energy, which can be:

1. Ionizing radiation - These can cause changes in the body molecules which result in tissue damage such as cancer due to x-rays and gamma-rays.

2. Non-ionizing radiation - These usually have a thermal effect which can raise the body temperature. Smartphone emissions are one among these.

The extent to which these affect our health depends on the following factors:-

1. How long you use your phone

2. How close you hold the handset to your body

3. How close you are to the base station. In case the emissions are weak, the mobile increases the radiation level to compensate.

Cell phones usually emit low levels of non-ionizing radiations known as radiofrequency. If the radiofrequency is high enough, it increases the body temperature causing headaches or brain tumors. The short- wavelength blue light emitted by smartphones and other screens cause eye strain and pain. It may even be hazardous enough to damage the cornea. It is advisable to avoid a cell phone in hospitals because the radiofrequency may interfere with the electronic equipment’s like MRIs, pacemakers which may have vulnerable outcomes.

Besides there may be some serious ailments which can be dangerous:

1. Text Neck Syndrome: -

We are so engrossed into these equipment’s called Smart devices, that we ignore our surroundings. We are addicted in such a way that we don't even hesitate to carry these to washrooms and spend a whole lot of time. What goes unseen is our bad posture. The constant bending of our necks may lead to neck muscle spasm and tightness. You may also get severe nerve pain which can radiate to your arms, shoulder and back.

2. Late night Internet Surfing: -

We are so obsessed to keep up with the trends of social media, that we forget our health, sleep and habits. Irregular sleeping pattern can lead to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and a frustrated mind.

3. Trigger Thumb: -

There's a fashion of people being too busy with their personal works that they prefer text over call. This may cause the disease in which one is unable to straighten the thumb because the sheath surrounding the thumb tendon thickens and prevents free sliding. A lot of texting or typing is to be avoided in this case.

4. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: -

Leaning on your elbows for a long time to text/play games/watch movies can irritate the ulnar nerve at the elbow. Long-term bending of the elbow can cause numbness and tingling of fingers along with soreness in the forearm.

5. Hearing loss: -

A consistent use of cell phones for hour-long conversations may lead to a deaf ear.

6. Walk or talk but not both: -

It takes merely a few seconds to send a text/voice-note/call. But it's the same time which can put you in a serious accident. It is not just outside. Homemakers also face injuries like tendon strains, broken bones and head injuries due to carelessness (while talking on phones).

There has been an increase in traffic accidents by 75-80% due to distraction while travelling. People get busy with their telephonic conversation/video chats and thus the risk of mishandling increases significantly. It is observed in certain cases, that doctors and nurses are more likely to make errors in their diagnosis process— mistakes in checking symptoms and proper treatment has a hike of 12% due to the interruption of smartphones.

Though there is not any direct harm that has been observed by scientists and there's no strong evidence to prove it. Smartphones and base station (antennae mounted high off the ground to cover wide areas) do have a toxic effect on our body and mind. UV rays are a kind of non-ionizing rays which cause skin cancer and so do the radiations emitted by these handsets. Be responsible and take care of your health. The sooner you realize it, better it is.