Photo by Boys in Bristol Photography: pexels

I am an Otterhound breed dog and I am the only one now. I look like full of hair. By my name, you can guess I will help hound the otters to protect the fish farms. This is our hierarchical work. Now, my ancestors are all dead. They are no more. I am lucky to be alive now. I don’t know when I am going to die. I crossed three disasters.

The first disaster was a natural disaster, due to drought, we didn’t have work. So, our owners can’t afford us food. They left us in the streets. Due to hunger, my breed was gone most of them. I lost my brother in that disaster. My mom helped me to get through that disaster. But I lost my mother. We are not humans, but we are sensitive and have emotions towards our favorite ones. I lost my loved ones. For the sake of their sacrifice, I moved further. I went to another city for my living. I helped my breeds. It was a pleasant thing that happened after that disaster. A fish master owned me and raised me. He was so careful. He gives me excellent food. He always pats my head. He sees me as his family. We played happily. We lived happily. It was a sweet moment. My breeds were so secure in that place.

In a second, our happiness is destroyed. World war starts. It not only affects humans. Every animal was attacked and lost its home and family. I also lost my master's. He was dead in that war. But, he helped me to get away from there, alive. For the second time, I lost my family. My master was the kindest man in the world. I further walked from that disaster as far as possible. My breed of dogs became low.

The third disaster I have gone through is hunting. My breed dogs were hunted down one by one. I couldn’t do anything. I have run from many ups and downs. I was the last breed in my life and I am conveying about my journey on my last breath. I am exhausted from running. I got old. My legs weakened and my eyes lost their sight. My breathing became heavy. Our breed is endangered. Please, don’t hurt me.

.    .    .