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Today suicide is daily news for all. By law, suicide is a crime. For an individual, suicide is a relief from their pain. Reasons such as family problems, mental health, physical illness, or due to alcohol or any other addiction cause a person to attempt suicide. Suicide is not news for all; even we lost our beloved siblings, friends, and parents, by killing themselves. We have experienced losing our beloved ones. From that, they have even killed themselves.

Reasons for Suicide:

Nowadays, suicide is common among teenagers, especially students. Students are the thinking that killing them is the solution to their problems. The problems they are facing are just beginning in society. Students are killing them because of studies, family pressure, and pride, school pressure, love problems, friendship problems.

  • Students:

Students attempt suicide because of their environment. The parents have been teaching them that they have to get top grades, this is their pride. Because of this, before the results are out they feel terrified of their home and kill themselves. Schools teaching studies are the only way to live. By secretion of hormones, they are in puppy love. They don’t know that it was just an attraction to the other sex. Because of this (heartbroken), they are ending their lives.

Whenever we hear the news that a child killed herself or himself. It makes our heartbreak. Seeing our new generation in society without guts makes us feel guilty.

  • Adult:

Adults are the current generation of our society. They are running to adapt to current trending. They are facing work problems, family problems, and social problems. Everything makes them pushes to the corner of their life. Then it became depression and finally, they are ready to escape from this hell life. Other than illness-related reasons, suicide attempts persons are mentally tired of living.


Rectifying this problem is every individual responsibility. We have to teach our children to be honest about their thoughts. We have to ask the child every single and tiny thought to make them think they have good and bad sides of themselves. We have to make them realise that they have to keep the good things go on and change the bad side by themselves. If they fail in something, encourage them and make them do the same thing with double effort.

Give awareness to teenagers about their hormone changes and the attraction of the opposite sex. Schools have to teach studies as well as they have to assure that students are doing great in their talents. By practicing and taking effort into their talents, many students will become great painters, athletes, sportsmen, writers, and many more. Schools are the only places that have our future generations.

Future generations are the base of the building. Every parent is worried about their child’s physical health. But, they are not concerned about their child’s mental health. Of course, parents are doing well for their children. But, they are not concerned about what their children want. Parents are giving their best to their children but they are not thinking about what they like. So, children were making them quiet and going on the wrong path, leading to ending their own life.

Help the adults and students to accept their failures regardless of their importance. Ask them to look forward to their future and make them see the big picture of their journey. Assure them that they are important to their beloved ones. Talk with them friendly and make them realise they are wanted everywhere regardless of failures. Teach them to face the problems not to run. Teach them to be kind, helpful, and strong, and ask them to enjoy their journey regardless of stones or any other obstacles.


Suicide attempt of students and adults is mental health other than health issues and addiction to alcohol. Their mental health has become weak because of their environment. They have been running from their problems than facing them. Suicide is not the only solution to the problems. Our killer is ourselves.

My mind says,

Regardless of what others are saying or thinking, we have to be ourselves. Suicide is the solution for those who have no guts to live. If we have the guts to end our own life, then why not use the guts to face life? Facing problems and solving them is like the adventure of the journey to the west. But, still, it is an enjoyable and heart-crushing moment. But, the relief after you solve the problems by yourself is the pride and pleasure of your life. It is worth praising yourself to move forward. Move forward regardless of obstacles in your journey.

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