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Human beings are one in every of the foremost vulnerable species on Mother Earth. For the last two years, socials are fighting against a deadly virus that has not only affected the physical and economic lifestyle of beings but also affected their social and mental being. They need to isolate themselves at their residence, avoid travelings, gatherings, dinner parties, birthday parties, etc . to stay safe and healthy from the pandemic. But these measures didn’t show an improbable outcome in stopping the outbreak of the ailment whereas directly affected the mental and social health of the physical beings. As from the last decade, the growing trend of socialism and traveling had become a vital aspect of our daily lives. Traveling to new places after regular intervals of your time had become the human natural behavior but to stay themselves safe and follow the rules of the government they must stop their travel everywhere and had to remain at their residence. Moreover, during those starting few months of the pandemic, they were restricted to satisfy their near and dear ones physically and had to stay a distance from other human beings; during this era, a personality became a threat to the lifetime of another human. Also, businesses were directly affected because of lockdown and many industries went into economic crises, they were shut and an enormous percentage of the population lost their jobs. This virus forced humans to cage themselves in their physical boundaries which miserably affected their health.

The lockdown which was enforced by the government to keep the health of the residents safe affected their mental and social health in a very miserable and never thought way. Isolation increased from cases of depression, panic attacks, and anxieties. Humans started gaining negative energies from the encircling environment and began manifesting negative things for themselves. In an environment stuffed with negativities, it became very difficult for the species to stay positive and think and manifest positive things for themselves for his or her prosperous and joyful future. During this process, humans unknowingly developed distance from their souls which resulted in altogether psychological and mental problems. It becomes very difficult for individuals to keep them mentally stable.

This mental stability gave aroused many occupations and new treatments and techniques. With time, humans found their mental instability and began finding different solutions for their problems. They started following the techniques followed by our ancestors to stay mentally and physically healthy. Yoga comes into huge practice now not in south Asian society but also in western countries. People started following different types of meditation, differing types of yoga practices that are beneficial for their physical and mental problems. They began to connect themselves with spirituality and find peace and contentment. These techniques helped them to attach their soul and body referring to the universe. Moreover, these techniques not only helped them to realize mental stability and find peace but also polished their skills I.e. it increased their concentration, help them to require a moment decision, and also improved their leadership skills.

Along with isolation, traveling probation also affected their mental and social health. Along with yoga and meditation, The easiest and most effective way to get mentally and psychologically stable and to make a robust EQ might be achieved by traveling to new places. As Travelling is an astounding way to learn a lot of things in life. It opens a giant door for us to explore the globe beyond our imagination. Moreover, it helps us to work out a broader picture of the culture, architecture, traditions, cuisine of the various places. Additionally, it opens the mind to explore the unexplored.

Traveling is a human natural behavior that needs diversity i.e. our mind wants to explore different places. It makes them socially acceptable is men have the habit to understand another man. In addition, traveling also helps them in the development of social skills in all told respects as, during traveling, they come across different kinds of people to know more about them and to take their help for direction and housing if needed. Nature provides humans with a range of geographies to travel and explore. Additionally, it is the most effective tutor and healer. Post-pandemic shows increase within the statics showing that humans prefer nature to explore than well-established areas and find inner peace and solidity. It gives pleasure and builds thrill and excitement in beings as they are free from unnecessary worries and anxieties. Traveling is like salt in life, that adds taste to life and without which our life savourless. Traveling removes this dullness and offers dressing to measures, besides, it also invigorates the body and enlivens the mind.

I also went through these things during the lockdown. As being teens we've got built a regular habit of giving physical presence at college but during the lockdown, of a sudden, our class got shifted to a different mode that had never even considered. We could meet our friends, cousins, and families for a long time. In my house, there was only me nobody which started to affect me mentally and affected my whole body. But I wanted an answer. So, I researched I find it out and practiced and healed.

So, We all experienced this kind of problem and located the solutions but there are many of our friends who are still somewhere cannot come out of the effects of the epidemic on our lifestyle and health. I would suggest they take a chill pill. Start practicing yoga and meditations to create a bond between the soul and the body. As many people are old enough and living the last few years of their life and they never tried to build the connection with their soul and now they are facing its circumstances. Traveling is one of our favorite sports I could say. As it works on the purification of our soul and mind and fills our body with positive and happy energy. Happiness is medicine to all problems.

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