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Humans are the most vulnerable species present on Mother Earth in terms of their habits. Many times, they try to change their traits under the influence of others but under this, they have to face many problems. When humans try to follow the practice opposite to their customs or do something different from the major society then it is considered taboo that affects their social relations with other humans. Taboo is an activity or behavior that is forbidden, prohibited, or otherwise outside of what is not considered acceptable in society. They are mostly grounded in morality and might also be linked to religion, caste, or origin. In the 21st Century too, there are many social taboos prevailing in society. In a developing society like India, that is developing in all aspects but at the moment also taking a divorce is considered a taboo not only in illiterate rural or urban societies but also in literate groups into the bargain. As a result, there is a lot of mental and emotional pressure on people who are divorced. Although, marriage is considered a sacred institution, divorce a taboo. But the scenario is changing as the young generation is developing individuality and independence, the word divorce is still frowned upon in India. Due to this if someone is applying for divorce in India then they need to build a lot of emotional stability and endurance on the part of both spouses as it is still not common in India like in western countries. As data shows that 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, 1 out of 100 couples in India seeks divorce. Although the rate of divorce in India is not as high as in western countries, the number of divorce cases is increasing due to various social changes.

In the Western world, divorce may be a common occurrence. One of the most vocal opponents of this family issue is the south-eastern world. Divorce is still a taboo subject in society today. A couple may marry in a beautiful wedding and appear to be the happiest people on the planet, but what happens next is unclear. They might either live a life of fairytales or experience the greatest nightmares. So, the best decision that spouses can come across is to part their ways through mutual understanding. Earlier, the role of the woman was seen as a housekeeper but with time it had completely shifted into independent and confident working women. Now, society is educated to know their duties to themselves before doing duties of another.

I believe taking a divorce is better than living a life where there is no happiness, joy and excitement and spouses have to fake it in front of society that they are living the marriage they dreamt of. Taking divorce should take place with mutual understanding of both spouses and they should not be bothered by the society. As there are many times that the couples know that it is not working in them and they should separate before they both create mental illness for each other but they are unable to do because of societal pressure. As if a person takes divorce than it is directly seen as a bad character who doesn't have any respect and is kicked out of the groups, society makes sure that they insult both the spouses and make their life hell.

To date, the generation is facing these issues as we Indians are somewhere now also hanging between modernization and our cultures and traditions. During the process of following the western culture and traditions and living their lifestyle. We are unable to live it completely because somewhere our roots are rooted in the soils of our Indian culture. We are always hung on the wore without the solution

Years ago, there were different circumstances prevailing in society and that’s why women were unable to take divorce if they wish for it as they knew that society will make their life horrible to be lived. Moreover, now divorce opens doors to new happiness and excitement in the lives of both spouses.

Unrealistic expectations that spouses hold towards their marriage and each other develop into frustration over time leading to regular fights and arguments and subsequent breakup. The most frequent complaint that individuals face is that their partner has changed beyond recognition. In general, a tiny percent of spouses cardinally alter their behavior after the wedding. Majority of the time, their significant other simply doesn’t see their “undesirable” personality traits and continues living in a fairy tale. And soon when one day the picture of a perfect partner suddenly dissolves, their spouse refuses to believe their eyes.

As you may be aware, attempts to change another person’s personality and habitual behavior are doomed to fail. The more a person clings to their beloved’s ideal image, the more profound their disappointment when everything turns out to be just an illusion. Then, dissatisfaction grows into a depression. After that, tragic consequences for marriage are hard to escape.

The most common reasons of divorces is alcohol and drug abuse, inability to have children, family relations and professional employment status of women. Most of the time, spouses misunderstood each other and due to lack of understanding and trust these arguments results to fights and arguments and the pure relation then gets converted into toxic relationship ruining the laughter, joy and excitement.

So, if someone is facing a problem in their married life and have tried their level best to sort it up but unfortunately it is being more messed up. So, the best thing that the couple can take is that they can get divorced and live their lives on their terms. At last, I would like to say taking a divorce is also alright as marriage. We youth have to change this belief system and should make sure it is not seen as taboo. 

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