Source: Shlomaster from Pixabay 

Rains are magical. They have the power of giving your imagination a boost and making you travel to places in your mind. 

You're sitting at your office desk in the afternoon on a Wednesday and suddenly it starts raining. You take a look outside from the window beside your table, you keep looking and looking like a hypnotized person as the pitter-patter of the raindrops on your windowpane. You're 27 but suddenly your mind wanders off to the faraway land, the land your grandmother used to tell you stories about when you spent most of your time in her laps. You travel to the Neverland in her stories, the land which you thought existed somewhere, where people were happy, where people didn't have to worry about anything, they had no pain. You think of the kings and queens in those lands who you were so familiar with once, you think for once how are they now? Has the monstrosity of human society taken a toll on them too? Are the people still happy there? 

You look down at the road and see a couple standing in the rain sharing a single umbrella trying to not get wet. Do you remember the first kiss you had when you were back in school drenched in the rain? Your mind thinks of that person for a minute, where are they now? Are they fine? It's been so many years along the road that you guys have lost touch. The person with whom you shared that warmth is no longer in your contact list perhaps, let alone talking to them. 

You think of your lover. Are they thinking of you too at that moment looking at the rain? You look at the sky, black and dangerous, just like your mind obscured with the cloud of thoughts, thoughts you wish you could say out loud to people, thoughts that keep you awake at night.

Lastly, you think of your hometown and how it rains, you think of your childhood, the rainy afternoons when you spent hours sailing paper boats in the street. Those days are long gone by but the memories are still afresh. It puts a smile on your face on a boring monotonous working day. Then you turn your face around towards your desk, the excel sheet on your computer screen meekly demanding attention like an angry lover. You smile and nod, get back to work. 

To some people rains are melancholic, to some people rains are romantic, to some rains are lazy. To me rains are magical. Rains make you feel what you want to feel deep inside.

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