Source: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

Swimming in canals of thought
And taking dips in murky water,
Muddied from the misdemeanors
Charged to our name.

Dunked my head into the cool
Refrain of winters going by
To beckon summer in a glance,
Before the shadow falls again.
Would you tremble?
Would you shiver?
With the sun, would your repose
Be warmed, or burnt away?

That vulnerable taste of winning,
With defeat upon your tongue -
Prickles from your goosebumps
Standing firm against the wind -
And here we go again,
The same old roads we tread upon
Before we fell the previous time -
Is it different this day?
Or are we merely turning in a
Constant cycle, looping into
Ourselves again. I tremble.

Shivers down my spine send
Signals to my mind to stop -
Evaluate and comprehend,
Take measures of your steps
Before you learn to love again.
Or we'll eat into each other,
Oh, this sweet damnation,
Oh, this end that sighs,
Oh, my petty words in miseries
And cries.

.    .    .