Source: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

It’s been months
Still, I was in stock
None bought me
I felt low and sad
Painted in tangerine shades,
I had pedals and brakes
Though being attractive
I wasn’t purchased
One mid noon,
There came a lad
Along with his dad
He climbed on my seat
And my heart started to beat
He tilted my handles
Left and right
He continued to drive
With a high speed
This was the first time
I felt freed
He then parked me
At my regular place
He rode few more samples
With joy in his face
Now I felt quite nervous
About the decision he will make
There were talks
Which I couldn’t hear
He looked at me
That gave a hope
I was flying in colors
Like never before
The boy and his dad
Left from the shop
After paying the cash
I was again locked
And wasn’t bought
My fate will never change

.    .    .