Source: Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

The droplets 
Like tiny swords of water 
Pattered against my window pane 
As if floundering for getting inside 
And piercing me or my brain 
The loud roars of thunder 
Rumbled over and over again 
As if reminding me something 
I do not wish to retain 
I continue with my ignorance 
To keep off the nasty pain 
Oh Lord, why 
Why is this happening again?
For some, it's so refreshing 
The wind, the clouds, and the rain
Then why do I go back 
Back to the darker memory lane 
Why is it so gloomy for me?
The same pouring rain 
The same watery mud 
Which brings joy in the main 
Why does it breaks me apart 
My whole heart and whole brain 
You, my friend, are lucky 
Or maybe you're just sane 
Maybe it's just my fear 
That things will repeat again 
If only I get what I lost 
Or just happen to regain 
Until then, no wonder 
I do not welcome the rain
I do not welcome the rain 

.    .    .