Image by Jackson David from Pixabay 

'Life' - a beautiful journey with humps and pits entertaining her travellers. She bestows curiosity, happiness, sorrows, fear, anxieties, depression, and ecstasy on her subjects. She sometimes is the thunder, and at other times, a heavenly shower. She is often the throbbing of her subject's heart and more after the breath of their soul.

Sometimes, she is void, or darkness in the beginning and light at the end. She is the flame that glimmer on the candle of her subject's soul. She is the kindest, humble, protective, ferocious mother. She has her own melody to soothe her subjects and drown them in her love. 'She is power. She is divine.' She is charming to those - grateful and testing to those who take her for granted. She is a mystery who can be moulded into adventure with the quest to attain the ecstasy of their soul. She is an elixir for those who seek salvation. She is the most precious pearl of the universe to prove the mirth of the beings. She is the bridge to heaven for pure angel-like beings. She is a warning, a message, a lesson to Manny. She is patience, mercy, perseverance. The key to unlock her treasure is - 'divine love'.

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