Source:  Aristeidis Tsitiridis from Pixabay

My mind was at sixes and sevens,
Was this existence, or the heavens?

My percipience was depleting,
Ah...well, my heart ceased beating.

I breathed my last, feeling celestial bliss,
And was sucked into an eternal abyss.

I reached somewhere, mystical and sublime,
I heard the reverberating echoes of silence for the first time.

Wandering in the eclipse was a bewildering figure,
Its voice, deeper than any known river.

When I inquisition where I was,
It growled as if I committed a faux pas.

When I sought the mystery of its creation,
It bequeathed me with the enigma of the formation.

You would want me to illume the verity,
Join me in oblivion, but alas, that's a rarity.

.     .     .