Source:  lillolillolillo from Pixabay

Sitting at the beach during the sunset, tensed and worried about life
Then I saw a little girl holding her father's hand
She had a smile that was glittering in the sunset
Her eyes had a different joy,
And the same joy transferred to her father when he saw her smiling.
Then there was a couple around 60s
Walking with each other, a certain distance was between then physically
But there was a strong bond between them emotionally
It could be seen by the smile they had, by the cute fight they did.
Then there was a couple, mostly recently married
They were enjoying their life, laughing together, playing, enjoying the sunset.
They all were enjoying sunset with their sepcial once
It was a beautiful moment... Seeing those smiling faces my worries were disappeared...
We all know how beautiful a sunset feels
And when you are with someone you love it becomes something different, something precious
Some were with there parents, some were with their partners,
Some were with friends, and some were alone.
But all had a smile on their face.
Those smiles shared me their essence of happiness, a inner peace and moment free from worries..

.     .    .