Source: Tarık Turan from Pixabay 

What makes a home I ask myself
Is it the familiar fragrance of my pillow
The comfort of sinking into the chair by the window
The happiness in reaching for the cookies on the shelf
The feeling of a safe space to think my thoughts out aloud
To remove all my armor, not be bothered by the crowd
Or is it the house itself, that stands so firm and strong
The flowers in the garden where our dogs love to throng
Where do we call a home when forced to flee this place?
Life until now feels like a very big mistake
Leaving everything we built feels so very wrong
Where else will we feel like we ever belong?
Heard about these things, but felt secure in our house.
Life changed in the blink of an eye, got to run and hide like a mouse!
Nothing sinks in and I can’t even cry
When did our fates flip, can’t remember even if I try!
I hadn't even used, the white bedsheets
Now soiled dark brown by my baby since several weeks!
When will we go back or is it a big ‘if’?
The world just watches us, like it is a mere tiff!
The worst thing ever is the smell of fear!
Very rancid, sweat and blood mixed with tears!
We all share this smell, can also see it now!
As it is not our lives alone but of everyone in tow!
How do I explain this to my little daughter and son?
Snatched them from their beds and fled, as their father faced the gun!
Heard a yelp and a thud as we began to run!
Scared to even turn and look back, fear has definitely won!
Finally gathered some courage and turned to look back
As I continued to run, with my kids in a burlap sack!
Heart pounding fast and fearing the very worst!
Hit a pole and fell back and saw the red road first!
Got up disoriented near the burning place!
Sat with my scared kids in a big embrace!
Our dogs and my husband haven't yet reached!
What more is in store for us? The war hasn't still peaked!

.    .    .