Source: Adi Constantin on Unsplash

She was there sitting on the cold floor, 
With a book in her hand
Mouthing the words
Flipping the pages
Without taking it all in
Her loneliness is becoming
Thicker and heavier 
With each minute passing 
She felt the wind on her cheek
The sky was putting efforts to end her loneliness 
She heard the rustling of leaves 
The wind was tickling each other 
She felt the warm hands
Trying to embrace her 
The same hands as her grandma 
She heard the cheer of young boys playing cricket and she looked back at those days where
She used to play with her dad
She came across another familiar smell
The intense aroma of ginger in tea
She found peace in it 
She missed her mom's tea
She closed her eyes and thought these things were her childhood 
She could feel everyone's presence here 
Sitting in the terrace
She realized that she belonged to this place 
The terrace was her second HOME

.    .    .