Chindhya (tatters) is a metaphor for crumbled and worn out ideologies and belief systems which nevertheless bind minds across cultures preventing a glimpse into reality. The scraps of random, unrelated thoughts are represented as an indifferent and disjointed dialogue between two ideologues engrossed in their own thoughts standing in the midst of ideological ruins. Their absurdist and perfunctory exchanges nevertheless weave different beads of pontifical notions into a stream of consciousness. The provocative korero presents thoughts on the verge of interpretative and appropriative dilemma; the ambiguous reverie rambles freely across speculative disciplines of logic, philosophy, ethics, morals, political thought, aesthetics, etc. compelling viewers into their own reveries on ideologies, beliefs, on cultures, on realization and nothingness.

A Hassaan Sanadi Film & SHE Productions 
  • Producer : Hassaan Sanadi 
  • Screenplay : Sameer Rane 
  • Direction : Sameer Rane / Aditya Pedhnekar 
  • Cast: Eesha Ingle and Rohan Satam 
  • DOP: Anurag Takke 
  • Editing: Aditya Pedhnekar 
  • Vocals : Dr. Maya Ingle & Eesha Ingle 
  • Make up : Farzana 

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