Source:  Alberto Adán from Pixabay

My hands are full
But not literally
Still I get bored
And think freely

Check the morning routine
Get up, exercise, bathing and ready
No forgetting kajal
Energy high daily

Sing song, musical journey to school
Think also, if you let out stool
Sharpen your brain and tool
In front of classmates, be cool

Hey, you have reached home
Doesn’t use so soon chrome
Now a little roam
Eat lunch made at home

Watch T.V and enjoy
But keep track of time
Oh look! Its study time
No more break, its two already

2 hours study then back to dance
Choreograph the song and record
Don’t miss time and chance
Get feeling like excitement and romance

Study again in tuition
Then back to aerobics class
Enough for today
Eat dinner at last

.    .    .