Spent some moments with the old people in ‘Shanti Bhavan’, a place for old age people. So I would like to share my views on it. Those mesmerizing and sad faces of old grandmothers and grandfathers had forced me to write this article and ask society that, do parents commit a big mistake by making their child’s future at the cost of their own life?

A loving father works hard all his life and brings up his children. He sees that his children do well in their life. He makes sure that his children have all things which others possess. A mother carries our weight in her womb all 9 months to make us born in this world. She sacrifices her all night’s sleep to assure that we have a good sleep she shall always make sure that no tear rolls out of her child’s eye. But when children grow up they push their own parents IN A corner of a house or they think that old age home is the best place their parents deserve for. They feel that their own parents are a burden for them.

The joint family system is slowly dying out of India. But we cannot ever deny the fact that the wisdom in an old head is the most prestigious and priceless treasure which could anyone buy in his lifetime. The advice and wisdom of an elderly person give tremendous support to the younger generation of today. It helps them to solve every problem of life It is rightly said that old people have worldly experience. And so they can be a source of constant inspiration for today’s generation. They can be a solution advisor for every problem faced by today’s generation. The time of being young and old is said to be the happiest time of one’s life. But when we can get our childhood so cherished so then how we could harm our parents old time which should be the most cheerful and awesome of all... The question here arises why. Why does today’s generation send their parents to an old-age home?

The young and old of today’s generation are interdependent on each other and both can understand each other so well then why this difference should result in young treating old as a burden and sending them to an old age home when they deserve a well-equipped family life. When parents don’t feel their children’s needs, desire wishes as burden no matter how many are them, then why do children feel their own parents which are only limited to 2,i.e only mother and father as a burden in their houses. Is it so just because they can’t afford to stay with you or their children have become so VIPs that they are ashamed of having their own old parents at their home?

In this situation, I think a ‘Bhagban’ movie must be remembered by all, how old people can also live up without the support of their selfish children. If a man/woman does not consider their child’s growing years as a big grudge then why can’t a child when it grows up give its parents the same loving care and affection. So I urged all of you to have a visit to an old age home. Spend some quality time there and try to feel the pain from which they are suffering Last but not least also take an oath that we would never ill-treat elderly people and make sure that place as old age home is not there. Love your parents and give them your time as they did for you...

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