We all must of be aware of story of Mahabharata that how 100 brothers called Kauravas, failed in front of unity of 5 Pandavas. But, the reason behind this was not just fighting for your rights, it actually taught us innumerable lessons which can be used in day to day life by a common man.

1st to perform one’s duty:

The very first lesson taught by God Itself. Lord Krishna taught us that one must perform his duty without thinking of the future consequences or result. Every work we do should be done selflessly & fruitlessly.

2nd Friendship:

Clearly defined about friendship of Arjuna And Krishna, Duryodhana & Karna. Though Duryodhana had evil intentions, he always respected and accepted Karna as a friend with no discrimination. He showed that in friendship everything is equal. Also the beautiful, pure relation of Arjuna and Krishna showed that friends are superpowers of each other. They always guide us to the rights path as Krishna did to Arjuna at each point of his struggle.

3rd Power of Words:

In today’s so called modern world, words are not considered important at all. Just once said other day forgotten but words always have tremendous power. The tongue however can be a small part of human system but the effect that it has is everlasting and ever remembered. In Mahabharata, Draupadi was divided into 5 Pandavas just on word of their mother Kunti.

4th 'Pride comes before the fall.':

We learnt from Duryodhana that always before any downfall, pride takes stand. It teaches us that blind pride and wrong actions have equally bad consequences and one must be careful and thoughtful about their actions and thoughts.

5th Be generous and you will be the richest of all:

Karna was known as 'Daanveer' for his generosity. Karna taught us that we always have something to give. We have something or the other to give than to receive It is often said the more you give the more you receive.

6th Revenge a dangerous poison Stay away:

Mahabharata was actually a kind of battle took place because of revenge. Shakuni actually taught us that the whole idea of revenge can actually consume an entire civilization, a whole order of things – as we see at the end of The Mahabharata..

7th Incomplete Knowledge can be dangerous:

Abhimanyu , son of great archer and Pandava Arjuna had learnt to break the Chakravyuh in his mother’s womb but because of his incomplete knowledge, he was killed. Although he bravely volunteered to enter the Chakravyuh, he could not come out of it safely. His example shows us how incomplete knowledge leads to dangerous results. Also that everyone in his career or work should have its full knowledge.

8th Life is ruined due to blind love:

Dhritarashtra was always partial sighted and loved his children blindly which led to this disaster . He never reprimanded them never scold them just let them do whatever they wished for. Mahabharata taught us that correcting our loved ones when they go astray doesn't make our love for them any less, it saves them from committing blunders.

9th Sacrifice:

In Mahabharat almost everyone sacrificed some or the other for each other. Starting from Gandhari who almost sacrificed her vision in order to match his husband was the most incredible sacrifice made by her.

10th keep focus on our goal & U’ll lead to succeed:

Last but not the least, Arjuna the great archer, always had his focused on his goal and therefore he always succeeded. From him we get an inspiration that in life we need to always focus on our life Goals.

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