Source:  Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Happy and satisfy life is an art, isn't it
It has multiple approaches and colors, aren't
If we look up, then stress at down scratch brain
If watch down,then mind flows to the sky
Up,down, right,left, everywhere strezz
Thousands of years,thousands of people dilute their life to find life
Who create it,why create it
Answer is not yet clear,is really need to get solution,is it n't
Happiness is what,just an expectation
Expectation to get, Expectation to be loved, Expectation to achieve.......
Why this expectations,is this mandate to have expectation.
Infact, happiness is inside the human,why to search in the lumen
No one can snatch ,if u find it inside a umen
It's a root of unsatisfaction
Plant has a root to make it flourish
But even some leaves ,fruits are dead
Expectations are those dead leaves and fruits to be flourished
Leave expectations,leave yourself in the hands of mighty, which is invisible, unknown but a believe.
Living happy and satisfied file is a talent,yes
Anyone can print this art just to be tricky,yes
Stress is everywhere,but not see anywhere
Don't utilise life to find life but to live life
That's all about to live life.

.    .    .