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Why doesn't he see his age? ", " What's people say? ", " You ruined my reputation"

These are the comments you get to listen to every now and then about elderly couples who want to live together or tie the knot at their age. It is still believed to be the shame for the society. We have come a long way and seen various changes in our lifestyle. But accepting elderly marriages are still a taboo. In an educated society like ours, marriages are believed to happen between the young generations. People in their fifties, sixties or above are not considered to be marriageable. 

If we see people of our previous generations, we'll be able to realize how they got married to their spouses selected by their guardians. They started of with a family at a very early age. This left them with no time for themselves or for their spouses. The little time they got, had to be either devoted to their family, job or relatives. They got doomed in a life full of duties. Most of these people lacked the "me" time with their spouses. And when they lost their spouses, they got doomed. " What's people say? " things effected their minds and they are left lovelorn and definitely a big NO for relationships. And when they want to make friends with the opposite sexes, it happens to be the talk of the town. A social taboo which brings shame to their families. By chance, if they wish to live with each other or tie the knot, they become a Knot for the society. They are said to let down their children. I really need to know, is falling in love such a bad thing? We have come a long way where we have accepted love marriages way back and have accepted live in relationships. Then why do elderly people not live in with each other? Why have elderly marriages become a big knot? Like everyone of us, they do not indeed need to suppress their feelings just for the sake of the family or society. 

Love is itself a beautiful emotion. If two people despite their age want to share their lives then there cannot be a more content feeling than that. It is better to tie a knot and live happily than live lovelorn at an old age home. We need to create a friendly ambience for them so that they can lead a happy life together. Just imagine of our grandmom or granddad enjoying the sunset with their partners with a content smile. Life becomes much more easier when you have your favorite partner to walk through thick and thins despite whichever age we are in.

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