Image by giselaatje from Pixabay 

Roy Babu's son now lived in Ely. He went to Cambridge for higher education, then he got a job there & started to live here with his wife. And now Roy Babu lives alone with his wife in his house which is in Kolkata. Every night, he thinks his son will call him and ask about there how have the days gone. But it's not happening. When he calls their son gets a little bit angry & he felt disturbing, cause of time zone issues & after all he is a busy man with a full day-tight schedule. But he is too responsible! Sending money on a specific date of every month. Roy Babu tells his wife with great difficulty that their son is fine, and stops taking out the clothes of his childhood clothes from the cupboard & doesn't need to cry every day.

There are so many Roy Babu and his wife waiting for their child when he/she comes back. Yeah, it's too necessary to establish in life. It is very good to go abroad and makes a good living style. But parents! What will happen to them? Are they backdated? Are they old? What...!

If there wealth is not good in old age, then why we are thinking that who will tackle so many problems & other things! Leave a better nurse to caring him. Well, when we were young, our bodies used to be bad, but our parents did not keep a nanny after a full day of work Mom was still caring for us without proper sleep. But we have forgotten them incorporate pressure and month-end targets.

We called them regularly, & asked them, they took medicine at night... when they were ill we are communicating them. But something we forgot is that if we were by their side, we would take them to the doctor in our car, and we would take the medicine after eating at night own hand.

No! Parents' phones are not getting into trouble. They think there may be a problem with their phone so their son or daughter's call is not coming, everyone's call is coming.

What will happen to this ambitious life? A successful doctor! Engineer! Businessman! An employee in Multi-National Companies! But at the end of the day, we can't be a successful children.

Let's build a society where there will be no old age home! Where parents do not have to cry at night! Don't have to wait year after year for their child when he/she comes back.

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