Image by 2023852 from Pixabay 

Being devastated, I went along the seashore where we first met,
Relaxing on the beach, I began to intensify castles in pain,
Holding you in my arms delivers the rhythm of composure,
Soaking in the shower, I adore wandering with you,
My sanity was eventually robbed by your carefree smile,
And the eyes! Those intense eyes invariably make me submerge into the sea of serenity,
I hallucinated in the charm of your intense eyes
while floating on a wooden raft.
My soul went in your direction,
as the sun embracing the sky on a scarlet afternoon.
No sooner did I come back to my senses by the loud noise of hawkers,
and the sound of waves touching my feet,
by breaking the silence of my monotonous dream.
The sky caught the amber and red glow,
the setting sun embracing me with the love she bestows.
I looked above the western sky,
diligent enough to find you. 

.    .    .