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Life is a journey between two axis of birth and the death. Both of these axis are out of our control, we are not born of our choice and we do not die of our choice.  In this, journey of life from inevitable germination of seed to the time of harvesting, we experience a lot: rains, sunshine, caregivers, pests, hails, and storm! But as in writings, human life is not so simple as that of plants. 

What marks us different from all other beings is our sense of judgement, our feelings, our expressions, and our motive of life. We are all running here and there, students thriving for marks, businessmen striving for profit, governments running after expansion, sportsmen for win, celebrities for fame but have you ever questioned "why?"

I tried asking some of my friends,

What according to you is motive of life? Some said to be successful, some wanted to take care of their family, some aimed at development, which marks up one thing

"everyone has their own motives"

But again the question arises, are these motives real?Or just imaginative? Because life doesn't end after clearing UPSC or becoming a doctor or marrying your love of life or getting famous, 

Does it mean, it ends with the death?

No! No! No! I am not being that pessimistic. I beleive, a person dies when his/her deeds die, when there is no context of him in memories of others. To explain it further I would say, people like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam and Lata Mangeshkar ji lives forever. 

But let's not get diverted from the question, Life doesn't end with these accomplishment then why do we strive for them? Why do we consider them to be our motive of life?  Because, we expect to experience "happiness and joy" after achieving them. We think, our life will have only good feelings of positivity, happiness, joy and laughters once, we meet these goals.  Which brings us to the conclusion, we are all striving for happiness, and hence, the ultimate goal of life is to be happy. But since life doesn't end once we experience these victories and possibilities are: "we may not even experience them", e but that doesn't make it meaningless.  The motive of search for happiness still persist. 

Then, what in this case should be done to fulfill this motive?  I suggest to celebrate every little achievement that come our way, cherish little beautiful moments that strike us on this journey, appreciate what we got, and understand how beautiful everything is: be it the sunshine, or moon, or how flowers bloom, or smiles and laughters,or love care and kindness. 

Moreover, what we are affects what we see! So full yourself with all possible positive feelings of love, kindness, forgiveness and empathy. This will make you search for the same in others. And at the end of day, you will see, how good deep down somewhere everyone is. 

The mantra of being happy also lies in accepting the fact that everyone is different in their ways of thought, body, language, slangs or choices. And comparison always leads to insecurities, comparing yourself with others either make you hate them or hate yourself! Because when, comparison takes place it results presenting one superior and other inferior that ultimately never lets you achieve goal of happiness. But all of these, are easy said than done! But there is nothing that a human can't do. I am sure, practicing this mantra will lead us to the mental stage that knows no hate but just peace, brotherhood, acceptance, love and ultimately happiness. 

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