Image by Rajesh Koiri from Pixabay 

Arranged marriages are about first impressions, isn’t it? The first time he set eyes upon her, he knew he had never seen anything as beautiful as her. She stole a look at him while offering the coffee she supposedly made and felt the same excitement as the time she was gifted a Pomeranian puppy. Yes! Impressions were definitely made.

It's two decades now after that fateful day, the Pomeranian has long gone to the great kennel in the sky but the husband's well trained to do every bidding. Yes! You thought right It’s the same man. The man now truly believes that eyes and the mind could play weird tricks when you never had a scent of a woman or felt one for that matter before that fateful day. He steps out into the street every day wishfully looking with longing at all the pretty women passing, sighs, and trudges slowly to the liquor store to get his customary pint. He is well trained to drink in his room and not in any bar. He looks forward to the effusive effect of the brew that lets him glide slowly into blissful darkness that's more peaceful than the light tomorrow brings.

She was never worried about his drunken existence. She liked it that way and paid for it too, after all these years it was little to give for the lot, she got. she took everything out of the 'arrangement' called marriage, mediocre sex, a 60 Million inheritance, and a son with Asperger's. She now ran a small business; she was in control. As far as she was concerned, she nailed it at the bride-seeing ceremony. For a village belle born into a family of losers, he was her one-way ticket to freedom and a world of opportunities. For that, she sometimes felt a tinge of affection towards him. She sometimes offered him his manly needs and it just was a few minutes she felt well played, and he felt loved the poor sod. He likes an obedient pup happy to follow the master, er... Madam, all the while led to believe he was the man. In time she separated him from his parents and friends who were his world at one time. Now she has him where she wants him to be. A pint of brandy mixed with a woman's artful craftiness is a powerful potent. He now was just like that furniture that was in the house which no one noticed but necessary.

Life went on, and many years passed by. She is now heiress to a business empire, and the son is now grown up, educated, and a member of the board of his mother's corporation. Today is his day, he with his mother and her entourage is at a bride-seeing ceremony. The girl walked traditionally into their midst all decked up holding a cup of coffee. The boy stole a look at her and he had never seen anything as beautiful as her literally. Heh ... heh...heh life really has come full circle. The girl extended the tray towards him and looked at him and his soft face was like the cute teddy bear she cuddled to sleep every night. I must say, I am impressed at the power of arranged impressions, sorry arranged marriages.

In the expansive living room of their mansion, the man remains in a life-size portrait, a true testament to first impressions being deadly. The wall where the portrait hangs awaits its next portrait.

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