Image by Chinh Le from Pixabay 

I stand here
at the top of the stairs of a lost cause
these bearings look more familiar than home
I am in hell and it's a life sentence.
I am cursed, to be frozen in time and watch life pass by
I hit rock bottom and still plunging 
perhaps on my way to find a new low.
Everything is going south at breakneck speed
Life propagates, only humans have an economic crisis
it rains on me everyday
broken hearts, empty pockets, and back at the starting line
between rising costs and depleting salaries life ended.
I am that dog, very intent and purposeful
nobody told the Cadillac about it
now a little short of breath, choking on the exhaust fumes
still believing that every dog has it's day
Growl!  that's a Mack truck I got lined in my sights.
Life these days are determined by fortune cookies
It leaves a taste in the mouth and
leaves you waiting for another door to open
feels like the two from the Samuel Beckett play.
Things are looking up now, Don't fall for that
things are just things, always flatter to deceive
like  a slit of ray that peeps through dark clouds
or a governments promise before the votes.
Don't follow the optimist, they are the ones that fall into open manholes
follow not the pious they are waiting forever to be saved
don't get an education that's enclosed in four walls
learn from the deceptions of the heart, and the trick the mind plays.
It's not you comrade, it's humanity that's lost the plot
they were never graceful to follow the dinosaurs
so they laid bare every inch of heaven and called it progress.
YOU, who grew a conscience burns in hell within.
Hey outsider, pick up the pieces that remain
hold onto it for the rest of your life
walk slowly forward, dim eyes fixed on the next step
truly and surely you will get there.

.     .     .