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"Father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light, Whose love shows us the way." - Unknown

We all do injustice with father by showing him little less than mother. Without father it means without our protective shield we are not able to live comfortably in this complex world. Let we try to know what is father in real sense.

What is father?

According to me, "Father is true character of hero in this theatre which is created by divine power, he is main pillar of our life and biggest example of sacrifice. "Now we understand how?

Father not only gives birth to child but also shatters his dreams to give their child and family a happy life with lots of love. He warms himself in the sun and puts a child to live in AC. "The tree itself can't eat the fruits, so it gives to other. But father himself fills our stomach and keeping his stomach, dreams, joy empty." He is only one person who wants his children to go far beyond than his achievements. Papa never says no though his pocket is empty. So he is the richest man . That's why father is hero for his child who loves to create the idol of own character like his/her father.

Now , we try to understand how this thought is perfect   Father is nor an anchor because he never teaches child to move back or stop at one place in life. Father teaches us to get success by various experience by experiment with life. He always says that you have to run for reach at the peak of mountain. During this time we fall down many times in path but don't get frustrated. Father is a divine force which push us towards real heaven of our dream. Failures give experience and experience is key to success.

Father is also not sail  but he is backbone or confidence of his family which helps them(child& family) to fight in the middle of sea. Father is not Sail but he is the devout inspiration that leads us how to sail in the deep ocean. He is like consciences that always shows true path. He is pure guider like our soul. He is little hard but by this strict behaviour he wants to teach us the difference between right and wrong . Fathers are like coconut, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. He always try to be the best because he knows that his child will follow his footsteps. If we want to compare the relationship of father and child , so we can say that...

"If child is kite, so father is thread." So we can surely say that father is guiding light whose love shows us the way. Because they have the experience to unlock every difficulty of life with hard work. He is a guiding light whose brightness conveys child the path but child have to run himself/herself to reach at the shore that is why the quote is absolutely right that father is neither an anchor nor a sail but a guiding light. He knows us perfectly because we are part of him and that's why we have wireless connection by heart. I like the words of  H. Jackson Browne, 

"Life doesn't come with the instruction book - that's why we have fathers."

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