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Another very important prerequisite is Assumption. Do not ‘’ASS/U/ME’’. It was in the month of November 2006, a Judges B Court Road, this was the Training Centre, which has specialized in the manufacture of hormones. I was attending this Training program. My Teacher told me that in sales lessons, in life we should never ASSUME. This has had a tremendous impact on my personal and official life. Most people 99 percent assume that they are always very far from a success and a lot of communication, serious errors will take place in this small word ASSUME in this six-letter word. I give a top priority to this word ASSUME. Assume means what?

There are a lot of definitions and let us take a simple definition that is guessing. Or you have to come to a conclusion, that so and so the thing is right or so and so thing said by one person is right.

If you break up this word ASSUME, it will be ASS/U/ME. What happens when we presume? You will become an ASS for yourself or you will make another person an ASS. Without confirmation and re-confirmation, when we do guesswork that is called ‘assumption’. This is a very serious lapse and most people always meet with failures. The highly successful people, reconfirm and reconfirm before they take any action or decide anything to do. Never ever assume anything in life. This will make a serious dent in the human relationship. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t take anybody for granted and don’t take any situation for granted. If you do so, you will sure to end up in problems.

For example, if you are going to catch a bus, maybe around 0500 hours morning and some of the people around you tell you with so much confidence that the bus timings changed to 0700 hours from 0500 hours and they argue so much and tell you that you need not make any inquiry. And say - I am telling you that the bus timings are changed. And if you are a fool and believe those people when you go to the Bus Station, the people will tell you the bus was at right time at 0500 hours and already left the place. And the next bus is at 10.00 PM and not at 7.00 PM. You have lost the golden opportunity because you were supposed to attend a very crucial interview and had you passed and through that interview, you would have got a fat salary of Rs. 60,000.00 per month and you have lost that golden chance.

There are so many people around you, they think they are very confident and they know everything very well and are overconfident and try to misguide you. Don’t trust these people. The telephone is at your disposal and just make a call, maybe two days before your scheduled traveling as per your planning to catch that bus and enquire and confirm the bus timings. Trust yourself and don’t trust anybody who will be giving advises to you for free of cost.

So many people have lost golden opportunities by assuming things and please don’t fall prey to these assumptions.100 percent you have to manage yourself and don’t depend on others because you are the one who is traveling and organizing your own schedules and not the others. It is very simple. Similarly, if you are assuming so and so the person was very bad and with this idea, if you plan, then it is sure that you will end up in the problem, or if you are having different kinds of interactions based on somebody’s advise, then you have lost a good friend.

Don’t assume and don’t allow anybody to influence your thoughts and your ideas. If you want to be highly successful, please don’t depend on intuition and depend on yourself. Why you should be guided by other people even in small matters. Are you not independent, can’t you take a Telephone call and find out the facts? Can’t you plan 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 days before and find out the facts. In our society, there are so many people who give advice free of cost. At the end of the day, you are the sufferer and they will simply tell you sorry.

You have to judge the situation, persons, or any important on-going things on the relevant subject and obtain information on anything and for this, please depend yourself and don’t assume things, better confirm, reconfirm and reconfirm and then you plan accordingly. I assure you that you will be 100 percent successful. A lot of misunderstandings among people happen; it is because of a third person. They will come and tell you a lot of negative things about one of your close friends or maybe just a friend and when you assume that this third person was correct, then you have a lot of a good chance. You talk to the person straight and clarify. Do not depend on middlemen, because their perception levels of understanding of other human beings might be different from that of your own assessment.

I am stressing you and telling you again and again on these five letters which are going to change your life positively or negatively. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THINGS IN LIFE.

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