Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Begins with Black, bears the darkness
Biggest void, Black has the fullness
Turns into white with extreme explosion
White is light, makes the world bright
Red is blood and gives us might
Crimson sun, what a good sight!
Coming to blue, The unique Hue,
The sky shines through, eyes can’t believe its true

Then there is Green, which is evergreen!
The color of life can always be seen!
Leaves in the trees and the
-Hills in the jungle,
green is the color which life-nature mingle

Yellow is mellow, when the Sun says hello,
There is no fellow, that will not allow
The rays of hollow that will forever glow.
The wind will blow, the water will flow, life is short
But universe is slow
Colors are nature and nature is color
Nature is eternal, colors are eternal,
The color of nature is eternity itself.

.     .     .