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Taboo, what is that, never heard it before. It is in our own being, like preinstalled. What is the meaning of the MAN? Somebody expressed like, who makes mistakes is called MAN. Here we are born to make mistakes or born because done few. Why do we make mistakes? To suffer and learn.  If the size of the mistake increases it's called taboo and it is unforgivable. The Mother tells the children don't touch the fire, but only a few listen and most of them don't. Children come in contact with fire, it hurts then the child learns the lesson and never touches fire. Who listens to the mother learns from the soft way, who does not learn from the hard way and through the experience and experience comes from pain. The greater the experience,  the greater the pain. Most of us learn through the hard way.  

First taboo, the fuss about marriage

Why there is so much fuss about marriage. We know what is marriage and we also knew what is going to happen after marriage.  We are not the first ones who are doing this. Our fathers, forefathers, and every living thing did it before, do now, and going to do in the future too. Still, we talk like men are born to make women pregnant and women are born to carry the babies. We have greater this to do other than bedroom work. We are not reproduction machines. We have a better life.


We judge people for everything very often.  His father is rich. He is spoiled and does drugs. We all do according to the bank balance.  With low account balance do tobacco, pan. Some people afford to wine and some do drugs that's it. We are all on the same line. Some people don't have any bad habits and still act like more dangerous. Because they don't have any fun and good habits either. It's not what habits we have the real thing is how much control we have over them.

Another example is if Sachin encourages many others he is great and at least he helps his son in IPL all the nepotism starts and trolls. We are expecting a father not to help his son.

Women abuse

Abuses are in every country, with small or higher degrees. If we don't find why the high abusive rate in India and find a solution otherwise we all face consequences soon. It's like trying to clean the Ganga river for years nothing happened and due to covid, it is clean within months. That's things work like that. Women say men are seeing women as sexual objects. Maybe that's not true, first men seeing themselves as sexual is the problem.

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