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What an amazement means to a nation?

As the word ‘Amazement' comes across to know among us, it comes with having a lot of aspects of the amazement belongs to our lives- physical, mental , emotional and the spiritual as well. Since every aspect of our lives, every now, touch to the other rest of the aspects, as all the aspects mainly meet at  a bipolar point of physical and the spiritual lives that are deeply interlocked to the each - other. Although describing the amazements of a nation are too tough to describe in a shorter vision;so I would like to describe it's every aspect of amazement by using some exceptional points that are much differ to themselves than any other common things.  

In order to describing all the reachable or the knowable aspects of the amazement regarding the country such as India, that I would like to mostly focus as the form of unity in the diversities as the various  aspects of the life,the humans are living, belong to the India.  

Since all the aspects of amazing India are very difficult to touch as India is the country of the unity in the diversities ! even though I am ready to try my level best to fulfill all the necessary points that could certify that, India, actually is an amazing country regarding it's various incredible aspects of diversities that somewhere or somehow touch it's oneness at any of the points.  

So let's start the amazing India with the following headingly efforts - 

Amazing India regarding it's languages:

Although any nation is primarily Known as it's language, for e. g.  We are known as Indian as we speak Hindi, since the language Hindi, indicates it's other name ‘Hindustan' , apart from it's world wide known name of ‘India'. Although India is never discriminates the word from the word ‘Hindustan', as Hindustan that contains the language Hindi belongs to the Hindu , was mistakenly pronounced “Indu" instead of “Hindu" by the British while they had been ruling over India. Finally, the word ‘Indu' transformed into India, that's why latterly we called up with the name Indian. 

Now let's come back to the point, India is full of many local languages, yet all the Indians speak Hindi and regard it as our national language. Since most of the regional languages somewhere or somehow interweave themselves with our prime or national language ‘Hindi', as most of the words of Hindi, we often use in our local or native language. Suppose that, every particular village, town, district or state frequently uses its own local language, yet all the governmental tasks are worked in our national language ‘Hindi'.  Moreover to this every school assembly or any national function to celebrate is supposed to be incomplete without singing the national anthem, that too is sung in our national language ‘Hindi'. This unity in the diversities regarding the language can amaze any of the people across the world.  

Although diversities in the littlest unit of the things, yet the existence of the unity:

The smallest rural village ‘Kandai' where I live,is also very different from the other neighbour villages in order to the civilization, rites and the beliefs regarding their local deities. If a village may have such the diversities compare to the others, then what an imagination can be done in the broader level of this amazing nation ‘India' 

India as the ‘Soul - Body concept':

Since, spirituality exists since ever, since the universe too wasn't formed, so the spirituality is an ever existential element. None of the soul can't remain being departed from a body, as it's the element that remains alive the another element -the body.  As body is the subject of the physical world while soul refers to the internal universe of a body that hosts it for a while. Hence Indian culture of religion describes both the various aspects-the soul and the body, as well as it signifies the importance of both the interlocked elements of this everlasting unrevealed universe.  

India as world's most unique political corner:

Since the rest of the world apart from the India, usually contain to the maximum of the two political parties to run their respective countries, but India is the one of the most unique democratic countries that holds more than 2 or beyond this limit of political parties to create an interesting contest among those various political parties that make their own everlasting efforts to compete each other to win the elections and to come on the power to rule and lead the country with their own perspectives in order to fulfill the needs of the people live in the country. Since elections that are voted by the common folks to elect their own desired candidates those belong to the different political parties, make the contest too interesting to manifest an incredible imagination.  


So the whole conclusion comes out as an amazing form regarding the amazing country-India. India is full of versatility in all the aspects of the life,whether it is politics,religion,spirituality and the culture or the civilization as well. Along with these varieties the geographical diversities make an everlasting impact on the varieties of this amazing country that today is well known as the pride-name of ‘India's. Lastly, my heart, full of emotions, wants to end this concept regarding my everflourishing amazeful country, with an inspirational quote : 

“God creates his own creations 
My country is too among all those nations 
Having the diversities even in the smallest unit of the things 
Yet, the unique-unity, it ever brings"

.    .    .