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Introducing to the words ‘Restriction of the incoming thoughts':  Since the word ‘Taboo' is generally used as the prohibition of something unhealthy practices, acts or using some unfavorable objects as well. But here, I am going to describe, the thoughts as the act to be tabooed, as thoughts are the only things that can lead us towards the untabooed freedom as well as the holy aspect of freedom, but with the condition; if these incoming thoughts could be tabooed anyhow. Since, practicing any act as the form of taboo doesn't always contain the negative sense, as some practices that we remain as the act to be tabooed,  provide us the unconditional freedom; just contrast to the word ‘taboo'. 

Taboo, as broader level:  Now I am going to describe the word, taboo, as the broader level with being apart from it's narrow sense. In order to describing the advantages of to be tabooed, I would like to use some unique lines, that never can match to its real meaning. As any word that seems to be as it is; as we guess or create an image regarding that, doesn't always the same sense. To know the broader meaning of word,  ‘Taboo'   firstly, I would like to use the word  ‘SOUL'.

As soul is the ultimate weapon, that can transform the word  ‘Taboo'   into the unconditional freedom of this broad widening universe. So let's start with the holy word ‘SOUL':

Soul:  Soul,  that is having a broadest meaning in itself, despite the 4 numbers of the letters it has; as S, O, U, L.  But it's every letter indicates towards the different broader meaning, as S- Self control;  O-omnipresence element;  U- Universal thing, and  L -Love. 

But the first ever letter,  S  is more powerful than any other. As it refers to the self control or self restriction; not as the restriction of truth but to remain as the thoughtless condition that ever makes us extended and remain us as expanded stage as well. 

Since thoughts are the only things that never can allow us to uplift our consciousness. So firstly we need to restrict our thoughts strongly to expand our soul as well as to unite with the super consciousness. 

So, the restriction; that is being described here, is not harmful but it is the way to become a part of supreme soul.  Whenever we remain in the thoughtless stage or while we are beyond the thoughts; althogh this stage seems restricted or tabooed; but in the same time and in the same sense, this restrcted or tabooed stage is thousand times much freer than any another freedomful stage. As being free is not as important as being free of thoughts is! This contrary situation seems just opposite to each-other but in the real sense,  to become restricted as the thoughts is the worthy step to become free from all the boundations and the cycle of the birth and death. 

In fact, everyone wants to be free of the obstacles, restlessness, loss, fear, and the sins we do. But ones don't try to overcome these things by practicing to remain their thoughts taboo; as all the actions that our body, mind and soul perform, among all of these, our body strongly relies on our thoughts,  and every thought is the acute cause to perform all the deeds; either right or wrong as well. 

And if we focus on the wrong deeds; these can't remain restful without effecting our physical, mental and the spiritual life as well. 

So what we need to do;  is the only thing,   to restrict our thoughts by practicing meditation; this will free us from all the restrictions.  The holy freedom is the fruit produced by the tree of the restriction of the incoming thoughts.  

Since a thought works as a boat; that takes us into the ocean of reflections that never allow us to be remain as calm, composed and content. That's why it needs to stop all our thoughts by restricting them, so that we could be free of all the boundations. 

To be tabooed, does it always the same meaning;  it refers to?:  Although, where the word, Taboo,  is used; the first-ever thought comes into our mind; regarding a practice that doesn't allow ones to act any action, regarding the thing; the word  Taboo is being used for. 

Never the less, here; I am describing the word - Taboo as a positive aspect,   as we all know that every coin has the two phases. The same thing too applies to the condition; where any exercise, action or the task is to be tabooed. 

Since, here, I am using this situation of to be remain as tabooed in the form of receiving the thoughts; as the flow of thoughts never allow us to become free of body, mind or soul as well. 

Conclusion: Now the topic  - Restriction of the incoming thoughts,  is going towards its ending stage. As now I am trying to summarise it in the whole.  Since the first word,  Restriction, every now draws back our attention towards the word - Taboo,  as restriction of anything is just similar to the implementation of  Taboo, against any action or something else that is not to be acted as a form of prohibition. But in this article,  I used it as the positive way,  as this restriction of thoughts never remains any more in the form as it seems in the sense of having it's narrow meaning.  

But if we will talk with using the broader sense,  in fact, every restriction is not the restriction, but some of it are the way to get free from all the restrictions.

Now I would like to end this reflection that my mind owns. 

Since a writer is very sentimental than all the other things. so he always search for the positives even in the negatives.  That's all what I wanted to say.  So, now, I would like to close this chapter through the poetic manner; using some literary skills: 

“Like a pot maker shapes the pot 
By passing on the utensils through the hot 
Also, the experiences to be free of knots 
Depend upon the restriction of thoughts"

.    .    .