Source:  Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Yesterday, you were just an invisible seed,
The only good deed I did,
I planted you under the soil,
And forgotten what I did!
The blue sky brought you rain,
You became a sapling; 
Heaven gave you air,
You became a plant;
The Sun God gave you sunshine,
You became a tiny tree;
Vast trees gave you shade,
Today, you have become a mighty tree;
Yesterday, you never presumed,
You will become this of today.
Today is not like yesterday,
Tomorrow is not like today.
Now you are giving shade!
To Play swing,
To play hide and seek,
To read and write,
Now a mini home in your shadow,
A beautiful nest for the liveliest birds,
This is the fruit of a good deed.
I wonder what the benefit of lifelong good doers will be! 
Think and act!

.    .    .