True Stories never meant to be only brave, fairy and expensive. True stories sometimes meant to be hopeless and tired. The schedule doesn’t remains same for all the creatures. Though we are living on the same boat (Earth). Being on the same boat isn’t giving credits to one, it isn’t showering peace for one, while another person is safe inside an expensive cocoon.

Okay, let me talk about the millions stories just by mentioning sufferings of my own life. From waking up in the morning to going into the bed at night I have only seen myself tired and restless. No don’t quote for me that I’m lazy I’m just perplexed and hopeless. The moments are hard to go through, the time hits like a stuck horn, beeping into head and ears like hell. Snatching peace every moment I’m in pensive thought. I look at the moon and stars, they show me the shine and I feel like, it is reflecting from my eyes to their appearance. I’m a dead soul inside and a unquestioned soul outside. My reflections seems doubtless and my heart pump with stress.

The story takes a turn when you don’t feel like sharing. Eventually, even if you try, the person out there don’t understand because he/ she never been into such situation. All the questioned morning makes the pulses numb. The nights when the whole world falls asleep, a crying soul awakes. I don’t want to let people feel my pain but I want myself to be happy and brave not in front of them only but also in front of the mirror I’m facing. I want myself independent in the nights I’m awake, in the nights I’m building the next day target. We all the hopeless people look at the time and say, time is running without knowing is it us who are slow or the time which is not showing us the way ? Once I heard the quote when your fate seems low, even the little problems stand over you like a heavy stone. It was something that freaking hit me. I would never emphasize that this is only me, might be the person reading this is still there because the above lines hit him too. Might be one is feeling the same situation. The highlights of my impeccable scenarios are no more hiding my pain. Even the expensive scenarios also got rid of happiness. We all have grown up with the rules and regulations of living a life but no one ever told us “How”. They have told us to be brave, to be a challenger but they never told us “why”, Why life can never be smooth or merciful. I’m not a criminal who needs mercy. I don’t know, might be I’m a victim, paying for the sufferings that came from nowhere. How many more days I have to take my breath away, how many moments I have to hold the breath. I’m waiting for the angel to murmur a good life for me, AMUSING right? It’s okay to be like that. It wouldn’t effect the very next moment you will leave. Stary nights are worthy enough to freeze you sufferings for a time. The sparkles would be enough to make your scars, “signs of success”. We only get old with the stuffs we are holding in the hand not with the moments we have faced. No, No it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t remember your time but it only means that no one else would ever remember rather than you.

Fine I have pledged for being brave and unbelievable but did I say I would pay for everything I never did, no, right? Can a god see the screaming faces, can he see that someone is crying all night, can he see a soul is stressed or hopeless. If he is the one who create then why we all are paying differently. The countries focus on caste, gender, religion ,etc. But no one look at the people who are not being counted by the reliefs, who never have been highlighted by the happiness. When the world sees someone who is unsuccessful it starts giving the lessons of hard work. Ah! The one who is getting the stary platform is a hard worker and the one who is not, is a tired and lazy head. It seems hurt but still they stay quite because the whole world sees what they want, not what is true. I’m unhappy but I’m nowhere so people will never recognize me till the time I would stand over the stary night, till the time I would be a fairy soul. We the hopeless minds have one most strongest strength that is consistency and dreaming. We still live with the wonderful charisma of building an empire. Empire of positivity, empire of dreams, empire of happiness, empire of peace. We feel, We would be the record breakers born from the dark nights but never let our flame blow out. “We might don’t get the silver trophy or a golden crown but we have a soul of diamond rings”.

.   .   .