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Mankind has contributed a lot towards social, physical and environmental well being of planet Earth.

Humans are regarded as the world's biggest evolutionary force. Possessing the capability to alter and produce every possible thing. Whether it be in the field of medicine, engineering, education, vocational courses, humans have left no stone unturned. However it's contributions are substantially inclined towards social and physical perspectives. Making it least concerned about environment and it's degradation. We have made this planet a waxy home for ourselves. Ubiquitous plastic, spread like bacteria. Air, soil, food, water, at every possible place. So egregiously have we polluted mother Earth. Contaminated our thoughts, and our earth with plastic.

Exploitation of natural resources has led to devastating changes in the environment. Deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, waste accumulation, have adversely affected humans in forms of deadly diseases. Furthermore pollution in terms of water and air is caused by plastics. Yes, 70% of pollution is due to plastic. And since it is made for durability it is not biodegradable. PLASTIC, the most harmful of all CFCs, monoxides, and deadly gases. The reason being it can neither be decomposed nor burnt because it contains strong bonds of carbon chains which break when burnt and poison the air. When inhaled in the form of gas it causes choking. Waste or Organic waste disposed off in polythene bags is detrimental to animals who consume it.

Chlorinated plastics release chemicals which seep into groundwater and pollute it. It disturbs the food chain. Toxic chemicals liberated by it cause inflammation, cancer, genotoxicity, etc. via direct exposure or inhalation. It causes Endocrine disruptions which leads to immune system suppression and development problems in children. Also cleaning plastics is exorbitant. Air and water are commune. We, being humans, shall strive to make nature purer and cleaner, despite polluting it. It clogs waterways, oceans, lakes. Moreover it extirpate the scenic view. Hefty tonnes of plastic waste is churned out by humans. India alone generates 9.46 million tonnes of plastic a year, most of it is single use only, which is a contentious topic. Only 9% of it is recyclable, rest is either incinerated or dumped in open landfills.

All the plastic waste should be discarded. People are still ignorant of the ban put by governments on plastic. Additionally total ban on manufacturing of plastics. Extant plastic must be recycled. Every human ought to implement the rule of Three R's in his/her life. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. This postulation shall help the mankind in a suitable way to overcome mass production of plastic. Although one should prefer to reuse/ reduce it because recycling plastic products breaks some polymer chains into smaller units which are deleterious. Plastic could even be used for construction of roads. It could be torn into pieces and then mixed with tar. This would also improve the quality of flexible pavements, increase the strength of road ultimately reducing road fatigue. Hence, cutting down total manufactured plastic. Avoid the use of disposable plastic. The next time you go shopping, avail yourself of a cloth bag as an alternative to a polythene bag. Do not use plastic straws in lieu copper, stainless steel, plant-based edible straws. Steel utensils instead of plastic cutlery. Plastic, polythene, thermoplastic, polycarbonate should be reused and recycled. Buy more bulk food and fewer packaged products.

We should educate our young generation regarding this. They are the ones who could progressively change the mindset of people. Their innovative, creative and intellectual minds can prove to be a blessing in disguise. If our progeny is well educated then we could expect less amount of pollution. Secondly the government should implement stricter laws regarding plastic waste management. One person cannot change the worlds' perspective but it can at least make a change. In turn he/ she will inspire others to make a move and so will this chain spread. The chain of clean and clear environment.

'To err is human', we have been solemnly pledging to safeguard mother nature. Still Humans are 'all hat and no cattle' paying little or no consideration for nature. We got to hold on and work upon our concerns regarding the environment only then we will be able to achieve our goal. Obviously this cannot happen now, not at least on this precious planet. Possibly we can cut down 50 percent of it, if we want to. Eventually making it a clean abode to live for both humans and animals. Plastic waste management not only eliminates surrounding wastes but also reduces intensity of greenhouse gases. Mercury levels would decrease. The number of fossil fuels will also get reduced, leading to a cleaner and greener environment. The greatest gift we can receive, is to have the chance to make a difference in our existence. Together we can change the world and make it a better place to hang one's hat.

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