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Someone said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, then why do we judge people on basis of holding a glass of beer.

If we dig past then we will realize that consumption of alcohol is not a new thing. This has been a habit of people for ages. All rulers, thieves, and other high post people used to have it in their leisure time. History has often shown that these high-class men and criminals get entertained by a glass of alcohol and dancers. Consuming alcohol seems hereditary where only various forms of it have evolved from time to time. And now it is not only for high classes and criminals, it is pleasure for every other person in this universe.

Drinking has two faces these days, a face of coolness and a face of characterless. On one side, one section of society estimates drinking as a trendy fashion of holding a beer bottle and saying ‘cheers’ to each other. While the other section puts a question mark on the drinkers and doubts the character of those people and their families. They assume that there must be a fault in upbringing as according to them when a person drinks, he loses the character of being polite and humble and converts into a demon of cruelty and aggressiveness. And due to all these reasons, he performs punishable acts.

If we focus on the first section, they believe drinking in a car, chilling out in pubs and bars with so-called ‘friends’ is not only a part of the fun but also a fashionable act which shows that they are trendy and belong to the rich class as they have a huge influence of western culture. The ‘getting high’ concept published in foreign movies or web series, is copied by Bollywood to make their content more interesting. They perform scenes like drinking and driving at full speed on highways, high class organizing a party in a 7-star hotel and every party member is saying ‘cheers’ to some expensive drinks or getting high and roaming in streets with strangers aimlessly. However, the watchers failed to realize that these all seem good in the fairy-tale world only. Turning this into reality may lead to disasters. As alcohol work as a depressant, it directly affects our central nervous system which consists of the spinal cord and brain. When a person drinks, he first feels good due to the release of Dopamine. With more consumption, one feels tired due to the release of Adenosine, a chemical responsible for making someone feel tired. Also, the release of Glutamate because of an overdose of alcohol affects the brain. After getting high one may experience difficulty in walking, standing, and talking, damaged organs like the liver, acute gastritis, and vomiting, cancer of the pharynx, oral cavity, esophagus, and larynx, decrease in the erectile capacity, shrinkage of seminiferous tubules and low sperm count in men and impaired judgment and vision. The effect on the body may differ due to gender, weight, the type of alcohol consumed, and how quickly it is consumed. Not only that, even the world shows their cruelty by taking an advantage of you when you lose your consciousness, like, small thefts, taking your unethical video or photographs, etc. Not only this, the consumption of alcohol by drivers is not only dangerous to them but also a threat to pedestrians. However, we failed to realize all this and jump into the swamp. And the outcome is pain. A small show-off or desire messed up your whole life.

Now after exploring the head of the coin, let's look at the angle of the tail. The other section of society believes that if a person drinks, then he is a man of questionable character. And the reason is obvious, losing of senses after being drunk. However, this had seem to be correct up to some extent only. Some people especially village people drink for fun an aura of domestic violence is created in a house, physical assault, exploitation of women, or rape. However, this is not the fault of alcohol, it is a failure in learning etiquette and humanity. Whores might use alcohol to invite men to whorehouse and turn on them for their business but people should also realize that every other girl on road is not for their CHARITY. It is visible that characterless people do not need alcohol to show their cruelty and so-called MANPOWER. Alas! Crimes do not have a face then it would be easy to catch criminals without giving blame to alcohol. Another reason why India loves to hate alcohol is in movies and web series. It may sound very confusing how a thing can influence as well as create hatred in people? But it is. In films, it is often shown that alcohol is consumed by gamblers, thefts, or any other sort of criminal or villain. While the hero is shown as a pure soul, who has no bond with alcohol. This has also created a mindset of people hating alcohol and alcohol consumers.

Excess to anything is harmful. Similarly, excess drinking is also contagious, but judging the character of a person and family is also not an ethical thing. It's time to realize consumption of this is not bad unless we take precautions like having it in limited amounts to keep our senses awake. Not only that government should make a law limiting the amount of drinking. However, drink and drive not allowed type rules are active in society and the police are also taking care of it with full attention. Still, as a native of the country, it is our responsibility of us to follow the laws. Moreover, as we all learn a lot from the film industry, the industry must take care that the character of a person is not considered poor because of alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, it’s better to hate and raise voices against the ‘Cruel Criminals’ than to make a TABOO in society. Last but not the least, alcohol is not responsible for destroying humanity in humans and converting them into zombies or criminals and a person of questionable character.

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