Modernization, a word with different meanings for different people. I wanted to know the perfect definition so I googled it. So, it is basically the process of adapting something to modern needs or habits. 

But it doesn't mean to lose our bond with our culture. In today's era, we have came so far in the world of modernization that many of us have forgotten our culture, our tradition, the culture which is widely known in the world. 

In 21st century, people are much involved in showing off than realising the actual need of something. They just fall for the outer beauty. If something is looking attractive, irrespective of the quality, people will fight and run to buy the thing, though the thing is expensive. 

If a man belongs to high class society, he will never clean his society, he will never clean the road thinking that this is not his job. He thinks that he will be considered as a cheap people, this is the work of lower people. According to them, their so called respect will be washed out if they did so, they are modern people by the way. 

Modernization doesn't exist there only, it's also in the dressing sense. Like, if a girl only wears traditional dresses like suit and so on, others will judge her on the basis of her dressing sense, thinking that she is so conservative, backward, such an old mind setup. They will not understand that the girl is not comfortable with those modern dresses. 

This not ends here only, the fever of modernization continues everywhere. People often think that modernization is only about how you dress, how much expensive and attractive things your are having, how smart and good looking are you. 

In this world full of competition, people have somewhere forgot the purpose of life. They fight for the things, they fight in between themselves for their belongings, for their castes and religion, each and everyone is busy in showing off and putting other down. 

They are leaving the culture behind, that culture which signifies the real living, that culture which teaches about mankind. Indian culture is considered as unique culture worldwide, but the people of India are not valuing it. They are running behind the western culture, and you know the irony? The western people are getting attracted towards Indian culture. 

They are reading the mythological books of our country, the holy book Geeta, they are adapting the preachings given in Geeta, they are applying the morals given in our Holy book and see what we are doing? We don't even know what is written in it. 

We have taken our past so for granted that we don't even try to do research on it. And those people, they are dying to read our puranas, so that they could get new ideas, they could invent new things. The science on which we are living today, the credit of inventions we are giving to those people, have already been discussed in our puranas. The aeroplane was invented by Wright Brothers in 1903, everyone knows, but in our epic Ramayana, Pushpak Viman of Ravana has already discussed, which was the time of long-long ago, can't be counted on fingers. 

The distance of the sun from the earth was estimated by Archimedes in 3rd century BC using his calculations. However, it has already been told in our religious Hanuman Chalisa. 

The modern society which thery are planning today, the type of sewage system a society should have, that they are planning today, have ready been discussed  in the Indus Valley Civilization of Indian Past at the time of 2500BC. Their houses built in grid pattern, their courtyard protecting the inner house, their drainage system and everything was so fine that not even the modern societies of 21st century could compete with them.

The creative ideas of Indian Past cannot be discussed in just one article. They were splendid people, their ideas, their creativity, their culture are just being undiscussed which is quite absurd. 

People should understand the value of our culture. I'm not saying that wearing western dress is wrong, doing other's work is wrong, or buying beautiful things with your income is wrong or anything you are doing is wrong, or following the new trends and traditions is wrong I'm just trying to make you understand that you should adapt the new things, you should go with the time but should not forget our culture. You are free to do anything, but if you clean your road without thinking that it's not your duty, you are showing the great Indian culture. If you are wearing modern, but also traditional, and not judging the other girl who just wear traditional dresses, you are showing the great Indian culture, if you are helping other without any expectations in back, your are showing the great Indian culture.

The thing is, you should go with the time with keeping in touch with the old traditions. Don't forget your culture, be modern in thinking because no doubt there are some flaws in our old traditions also, be modern by technologies because these new technologies reduce human efforts, but try to be old and conservative if the point of the country comes, if culture comes, moreover, try to be old in case of heart. My uncle used to say a line that is close to my heart "Soch hai Modern or dil hai desi".  

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