What? They are living in a live-in-relationship! They are shameless. They don't care about the people. It's not their fault only, is this the kind of moral value their parents have given them? Bloody manner less children they are. And see the girl, how could she get ready for this? Huhhh! She might be characterless. Might, sorry? She is characterless. After all what do we call a girl who agrees to live with a strange guy before marriage? They are living together like a married couple without getting married. They should shame on themselves.

Oh wait...wait...wait! It's not me. Haha! This is what the society think about the boy and girl who decide to go for a live in relationship. Do you also think same for the couples who decide to go for a live in relationship before getting married? Okay, let's discuss about this in detail like what is live in relationship, is it legal in India, what people and youth think about it and many more pros and cons of a live in relationship. Before talking about the conclusion, first let us know what is a Live in Relationship?

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What is Live-In-Relationship?  

So, do you know what is this? Don't? Okay, let me tell you what is a live in relationship.
A Live in relationship is basically a type of relationship in which couples decide to live together before marriage to spend more time with each other so that they could know more about each other, they could be sure about each other, moreover, so that they could decide whether they are compatible for each other or not for future. This is what the live in relationship means and the motto behind going for this. 

Now let's take the another side of the same according to the people, the society. 

A live in relationship is a kind of relationship in which a boy and a girl live together just like a married couple but before marriage. But one more thing they would always add is Sex. They would always say that they are living together for sexual satisfaction, which might be true, but not the way they talk about it. 

They might have physical relationship but there is a huge difference between living together for physical relationship and having physical relationship because you live together and you feel for each other. People always mismatch these two sentences, which if think deeper, have different meaning. 

Now, let us have a look over some points on live in relationship. So before writing the article on this topic, I asked few of my college batchmates that what was their opinion about live in relationship, is it right or wrong according to them?

Marriage or Live in Relationship? 

One of my friends completely criticized it. She said that it is completely wrong to live with a guy before marriage. According to her, what if the girl get pregnant and what if the boy denied to accept the girl and baby? What if society denied to accept the girl because we live in a society where if you get pregnant before marriage, you are sin on the name of a girl. Also, if the girl decides to keep the baby and raise the baby by herself, then also it would be very tough to be a single  parent. Moreover, a child needs the love of mother and protection of father in a balanced amount. The child could not be raised properly in this condition. 

On the other hand other was saying it's not wrong according to her. Her point was they live together to know each other, to know whether they would proved to be a good couple or not. According to her, what if after marriage you come through the dark secrets of your partner which you can't let go and also can't live with? What if after marriage you both decide for divorce? And as the case of pregnancy came in live in relationship, the same case could also be in marriage. What if couples are not happy together after baby and they decided for divorce? This situation will create additional mental pressure on child. In this case also, child will be raised by single parent, either by mother or by father. The only difference would be that, in this case society will not deny them because they have so called marriage certificate. 

Also one more thing she added that, it is not only about having physical relationship. Why can't we see other side of this? There are many more points to see. A live in relationship can prevent divorce cases. If couples will live with each other, they will know each other, they will be sure for each other, and after that if they will get married, then there would be the least chance of divorce, which is much better than getting married and then going for divorce. Also, what is the guarantee that arrange marriage or even love marriage could last forever? There no guarantee for anything, so there is nothing wrong in going for live in.

Now let's come on my points. I think one more factor that matters is the society in which we live. For example, in India it is wrong to live with each other before marriage, however, in foreign, it is common. Their society is advance, their culture is different. But Indian cultures are different. In India, marriage is a such a pure bond between a boy and a girl. In India, it said to have a bonding for 7 births. Also, in lower society, people will bound a couple. If they are not happy together, still society will force them to live together, because it's not our tradition to live with each other once, and then get divorced. I think last one is not correct. How can you live with the one with whom you are not happy? 

But on the other hand, if we go for live in with the same person, we would get better idea about the person and that would be better for ourselves. Moreover, we live in a society where your parents can marry you with a strange guy according to their choice, which I personally think is not correct all the time. 

Now one more question arises is India is widely known for its culture and tradition and this is all western culture, we are losing the bond with Indian cultures somewhere. So my answer is we are not losing our bond. It's just the thing of ones interest and believe, ones comfort zone. I think we should continue our Indian traditions but also we should go with the time. 

A boy and a girl are mature enough to decide what should they do what not to. Yes, one thing I'll add is they should go for live in only if they are sure for each other. Doesn't matter if something strange happen at last, but at least you should not misuse or give a wrong direction to live in. You can opt for western culture if you wish to, but you should not deny or criticise Indian culture also. Do accept the Western culture if you want and do respect Indian culture also. 

One more thing I would like to add is if you want to go for live in, nothing is wrong in that but yes, do this with the concern of your parents. If a boy and girl are agreed with the permission of their family, then society has no right to interfere in between their personal life. But give yourself the very first priority. Don't do anything that can create problem for yourself. Life is all yours and you are mature enough to decide the right and wrong for yourself. 

Is Live In Relationship legal in India? 

Yes, it's completely legal in India if both of you are adults and mature.  But yes, go for this only if you are sure and your parents know about this, moreover if they permit you. Nothing is wrong in being possessive and protective for your future with someone. 

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