Source: Soledad Quintero from Pixabay 

Kailash was a naughty kid at home.
He jumps into the kitchen, dives in the ponds,
Care less of things he played with charm,
Forget what he was asked to do but demands.

His mother can’t run behind him, catch and feed!
She can’t make him do things in right way at all,
But he is very intelligent, she tells to others in pride,
She hustles to cover all the delinquents after all.

Maybe it’s time to go to school and get some learning!
“How nice it’d be” is the thought Mother is in all day,
That he becomes responsible & learn to discipline,
Forgetting his chores, she can focus on tasks at home.

“Will there be any less joy”, thought the boy on the way!
He enjoyed the strides yet see many things and peoples,
He wonders, shares stories every day, scribbles them away,
He plays with friends, gets himself better with all small things.

One day, he got hurt badly and came home groaning in pains!
Mother was worried to see the kid like that with all surprise,
She asked him what happened and why silence without complains,
He just said, “someone needed help!” bringing tears in her eyes.

Mother’s proud moments continued unabated with his random acts!
His school, she thought, has worked nicely in upbringing him well,
His teachers told his mother that it is all her strength and patience
She couldn’t believe and felt humble that he spoke about her at school

Nonetheless, teachers spoke candid to his mother of how he is at school
They told how he caught his mates’ attention with all ease and charm,
They said he silently helped whoever needs, bending or mending any rule,
They were proud to say how he stands for others in all enhanced calm.

.    .    .