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It is the dream of every girl to be a mother. In the years of growing up, the mother is always looked up to as a role model. Once a girl grows up and settles in her career, marriage comes up. Even for a career-oriented woman, other than drawing complete job satisfaction, the wish to become a mother lies somewhere in the heart. This phase of motherhood has certain challenges. There are times it may seem tough to balance professional and personal life. This is not an impossible task. It is easier when priorities are set. Pregnancy is a journey of ups and downs. Mood swings and nausea are the main notable characteristics. Going through this is like a roller coaster ride. 

Trimester 1: The start of the journey which is the most difficult

The first trimester is said to be a difficult one. Acceptance of reality is the primary element. Being mentally prepared is the strength required. It is a prerequisite for a successful pregnancy. A healthy baby is a reflection of a clear mind. The mental stress the mother feels affects the development of the baby. This phase is said to be difficult as the body has to get accustomed to the changes. In addition to this, the heart is required to work harder. Doing physical activity is not important. Being gentle upon oneself is of vital importance. Overstraining is strenuous and has the danger of losing the pregnancy. In this phase, the pregnancy can also be lost naturally. There may be many medical reasons for it. Acceptance of the situation helps in coping with a loss. This should make a person stronger in having a positive attitude. Having a supportive family is a motivation to stay positive and be calm always. It is like a cloud with a silver lining that will not let the individual sink into thoughts of the loss. Eating less or not wanting to eat anything happens in this phase because of nausea. Adequate rest is recommended. A fetal heartbeat can be felt at a very early stage.

Trimester 2: A phase that is enjoyable going through

The second trimester is not as difficult as the first one. The feeling of nausea reduces. Here, pregnancy cravings come into the picture. Satisfying taste buds bring in a sense of contentment. If not done so, a feeling of missing out on something crops in. Each time, the mother consumes anything, the digestive movement wakes up a sleeping baby. Doing physical exercise is advisable. It is said that the baby sleeps in the womb all day and is active at night. The reason for this is that the physical movement done during the day is like cradling the baby to sleep. Fetal movements can be felt as early as five months into the pregnancy or at a later stage. The baby movements are called butterflies.

Trimester 3: The phase that is crucial for both

The third trimester is said to be the most crucial phase. There is a saying hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. It is crucial for both, the mother and the baby. It is necessary to remain active during this phase. Staying active ensures smooth labor if opting for a natural birth. Being slow and gentle is also vital. This is also the phase when medical conditions can show up. The diet needs to be taken care of to ensure the baby is safe, no medical complications are likely to arise. Pain management is possible through pain-relieving exercises or administering epidurals. An epidural is a pain reliever given to an expectant mother after enduring long hours of pain.

The arrival of the bundle of joy

This is the time that everyone eagerly awaits. This little bundle of joy puts away all tensions and troubles. Whether it is a natural or cesarean birth, happiness knows no bounds. The new mother is speechless for a few seconds after seeing her newborn. This is when all the pain and troubles are forgotten. It feels like nothing was difficult. The medical profession may have now turned into a business. There are still some medical professionals who always look at the well-being of their patients and not the commercial aspect of it. Caring for a newborn is a challenging task. Spending sleepless nights is not easy. As a result of being sleep-deprived, slipping into postpartum depression is natural. It is important to look for behavioral changes and mood swings. These are symptoms indicative of postpartum depression. Rendering a helping hand is one way of coping with it. After the arrival of the baby too there are a lot of physical changes the mother undergoes.

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The mother and child bond is the most unique which develops right from the womb itself.

Putting on weight is normal and a part of this journey

Pondering about the gender of the child is unnecessary overthinking. A child is a blessing to be welcomed with open arms. When a child is born, the mother is born too. This is like reliving one’s childhood. Relishing this phase gives memories for a lifetime. Going through the whole phase is an experience when enjoyed is no less than an adventure. With all the side effects, keeping oneself happy is the best way to overcome any pain. It makes the journey quite smooth and not painful. Support from the family is the greatest plus point. What more could one ask for? Motherhood is not only a phase it is also that time in life that gives the most valuable lessons. Commercialization of the medical professional is on the rise now. Support from the medical staff is an added benefit. At times, when doctors and the elders of the family give contradictory advice, confusion prevails as to whom to follow. The message I would like to give to young ladies out there is just to listen to your heart as you know what is best for you. Of course, do let your doctor know how you feel as the doctor’s decision is based on what you feel. Adding a personal note to this, that was the advice I received from my mother-in-law. The support I received made me feel like winning a jackpot without a lottery ticket. A positive attitude and calmness in the mind go hand in hand. Nothing is impossible with these two elements. The experiences of this journey cannot be described, it is that beautiful. 

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