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Parenting is tough. It is an experience that can be cherished when one grows old. Every individual would love to become a parent. It is a journey of learning. When a child is born, a parent is born. Managing kids does include managing yourself. Before becoming a parent, there is always excitement to be one. This excitement turns into pride upon seeing the little bundle of joy. It is a journey of ups and downs. Childhood is the most adventurous part of one’s life. Once a parent, it is possible to relive the memories of childhood by raising kids.

The experience of soon–to–be-parents

This is a very exciting and unpredictable phase, exciting because happiness knows no bounds. Unpredictable as the saying goes, always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. During the months of preparing to be a parent, there has to be constant support. Support to both the partners who are parents–to–be. Physical and mental preparation is required on part of both partners. Physical because caring for the mother–to–be can be straining. Emotional swings one goes through can drain the brain. It is mandatory to always stay calm and peaceful as it affects the development of the baby. This is the best phase to bond with the soon-to-be-born baby. This bonding can be nurtured by singing a song, listening to music, reading a book, or talking to the baby. It is said that the unborn baby learns to recognize. This helps the baby to connect to the outside world. The phase of becoming a parent is not so easy for all. Any negative occurrences, in the beginning, may affect the emotional state of a person. It takes time to return to normal. Once having become a parent, the pain of having gone through any loss or difficulty is forgotten.

Handling a newborn – easy or not so easy?

With the arrival of a newborn, come the challenges of managing a newborn. This requires mental preparation on part of both parents. The support of grandparents here is a boon, a blessing in disguise. There may be sleep deprivation in the beginning as the newborn wakes up frequently. The mother should go to sleep when the baby is sleeping rather than finishing up tasks that cannot be done when the baby is awake. This is to prevent sleep deprivation. The lack of proper sleep causes dullness. Feeding a baby is another challenge. This is a challenge because sometimes, it is confusing as to why is the baby crying even after having been fed. Incessant crying even after feeding is not good. There may be a reason for continuous crying. Postpartum depression is a condition that can set in for new mothers. The assessment of postpartum depression can be done by observing behavioral changes. Timely support helps a lot. As the baby grows there are changes in the sleep cycle and feeding cycle. The sleep cycle changes as the babies sleep a little longer than before, not waking up so often. The feeding cycle changes, to fulfill the demand of the growing baby, and more nutrition are required to support growth. Starting solids for the baby may be easy if one is lucky, and the baby takes in the food given. Rejection of a new type of food may happen. This is where one needs to be patient. The Colour and texture of foods attract them. Teething is another difficult phase as it cases itching. Using pacifiers comes of help in this scenario.

Caring for a toddler – running after one?

All parents are usually waiting for the baby to start walking. Once the toddler starts to do so, it is time to run after the toddler. A toddler may not be fussy or choosy when it comes to food. Older children may be. It is not advisable to turn into a controlling or strict parent. In these early years, it is important to make sure not to give in to every demand of the child. Overpampering is disastrous, as it tends to make the child start taking advantage. The child starts to think throwing tantrums is a way to get what is desired which is not right.

Parenting a school-going child: Off to primary school.

The early years of childhood are when habits are to be taken care of. Forcing a child to excel in academics is not appropriate. A parent is the role model for the child. This applies to behavior and eating patterns. Children tend to follow their parents. This is why being a good example makes a difference. Striking the balance between learning and play is important. Learning can be made fun and activity based to keep the child interested in it. The parent needs to be involved with the child. This strengthens the bond. Reprimanding s child for not doing something is not right. By snapping at the child, the child will drift away from the parent leading to distancing oneself when support is needed. Setting rules for a child is a no. Instead, keep the children involved in everything as these young minds are always ready to explore the world around them.

Sibling rivalry: an issue commonly faced by many

Sibling rivalry is when the older child becomes kind of jealous of the younger one, as the younger one takes away all the attention of the parents. Thus, the older kid feels ignored. Children are very sensitive. In such a situation, snapping at the kid for lack of patience is not the way to handle. Keeping the older child involved helps a lot. It also helps in building sibling bonding.

Is it necessary to bear a child to be a parent?

The answer to the above question is no. Mere childbearing does not make you a parent. Raising a child makes you one. Parenting the child of another is difficult when compared to raising one’s kid.

This is because not just physical characteristics are inherited, qualities are inherited too, qualities such as getting angry, being aggressive, ability to remain patient. When raising another’s child, a person is unaware of the fact as to what angers the child and how fast. This makes it harder to calm down the child and manage the child. Adoption is not just a process or paper work. It is a hard step which brings satisfaction and pride along with it. The more involved the parent is, the stronger becomes bond between a parent and a child. How good or bad a parent can be? A parent can never be termed as a good one or a bad one. Every parent learns with time. Raising children is the best time to relish their childhood. The bond between a parent and a child is the most beautiful one. One has to nurture it in the best way possible. 

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