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A holiday here means holiness in the day. Actually, a holiday generally means a day of leave from regular official work. A holiday is primarily considered leisure to relax. The human tendency to consider the holiness of the day relies on the broadcasting effectiveness of television channels only. The holiness of the holiday is a vital thing which every human being has to think about at the core. So a holiday is primarily with a value-added to it, hence the same cannot be simply considered as leave from the regular work.

Sunday, Holiday:

Sunday is actually a holiday, not in respect of a leave. Sunday should always be considered a day of light. It is the real holiday for the entire universe. Mostly Sunday is observed as a weekend but actually, it is the universal holiday of light which gives the inner delight.

Why Sunday is a Holiday?

The holiness of the sun need not be explained. It is very much evident that the world had set its time only based on the sun. Across various places, the rising of the sun varies, hence the start time and end time of their day vary. It should be noted that the same sun which gives light to one continent gives light to another in a different time span. So universally the agent or the divinity which provides light to the globe is one and the same. So the day of the sun (i.e.) Sunday is a universal holiday that gives light. No doubt the sun is the only source of light to the entire universe, hence the day of the sun is the light day for the globe, so the holiest day for the globe.

To Start:

What to start is the question which anyone will tend to ask. I will say we should start our daily routine on Sunday, but on the contrary, we are practically spoiled and in the mood of leaving. In this current routine we are starting our week on the basis moon which has its own fluctuation in a fortnightly manner. Moon signifies lunar, which also has a direct relation to lunatics. Hence routine started with respect to the moon will ensure lunatics. The current trend of weekdays starting on Monday is directly related to the moon which should be discarded for the entire benefit of the universe. As already said, it is clear that we are really spoiling the best divine day (i.e.) Sunday in spending for off-routine activities. In fact, if we want to grow or flourish we should start anything with respect to light and light-related things only. So starting anything other than on Sunday will not give the required level of growth.


A day with its almost holiness across the world is Sunday. So it is the best way and prosperous was to start anything on the day of light which is Sunday. Starting anything on moon day (i.e.) Monday will only have its own fluctuations. It should be also noted that light is worshiped across the world in its variety of forms. The end meaning is the core worship of light. The core worship of light means worship of the sun which is the source of light to the world. If the world really needs to really blossom in various aspects then it should start its weekly routine based only on Sunday. If we really look ahead to start Sunday as of daily routine then Friday and Saturday will certainly fall on weekends. In this Sunday start set up Friday being a weekend is auspicious to do household things and Saturday, a day related to its own sluggishness can be spent on relaxing or sleeping activity. The effectiveness of Sunday will give a clear enhancement in thinking as well as doing our task. Both spiritually and scientifically sun is evitable due to its everlasting importance. If we want to be fine we have to refine towards Sunday.

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