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Work independency:

Work independency is the facility to decide on the day-to-day work log and fixing of fees for the service rendered. Here the independent workers have the luxury of accepting or denying work at their disposal. Fixing of fees receivable by them also has the same underlining. Carpenters, Electricians, electronic service providers, plumbers and priests, Shop keepers, tailors, taxi/auto drivers, etc., shall be listed under independent workers.


Why egotism is added with the independency? This is a question that will rise in anyone’s mind. Egotism plays a vital role in all of us. It is either dependency or independency; egoism has its own aggressive and depressive trends. When a worker of any type is under supervision the egotism is very much submissive in nature and is vice versa when he/she is independent. Hence egotism is discussed with independency.

Independency and exploitation:

As already explained independency is the freedom in work atmosphere. The freedom in the work atmosphere is mostly misunderstood by the independent workers as their liberty to do anything in the name of the particular service they render. Here the liberty is nothing but rendering false or misleading service and justifying the falseness with the words of manipulation. The liberty also includes fixing exorbitant fees, coming late to work, planning to leave early, unnecessary extension of work to number of days etc., They also tend to communicate in their own coded language among themselves before the appointer, as if they are discussing some trade secrets. Their communication before the appointer in their coded language is really an insult to the appointer, who is clueless about the same. These can be encircled also as exploitation. Such exploitation attitude arises due to their non questionability which turns as egotism. Their egotism stands very tall as nobody can question their wrongness. Even the individual who has appointed them cannot. If the individual questions the worker, then the worker will do necessary acts to make the appointer cry for help. Actually, independency is neither exploitation nor acting on liberty. It is simply to live judiciously by not harming others.

Independency and sense of sixth sense:

From the discussions above we should never interlink independency and exploitation. Also the egotism. As a human being, we have the sixth sense of reasoning. By the virtue of the sixth sense we are really independent in this beautiful world. But the pathetic scenario is, only when we are under any supervision our ego really finds its reasonable path to express. Ego is to be laid down under some set of rules and regulations within ourselves, so that it will not harm others or self. Like salt in food, ego should be maintained at reasonable level to have the life delicious. We should tune our sixth sense in such a way our independency harms nobody with the face of ego.


The independency in work is not primarily paving way to egotism. But the tendency of non-questionable makes one as egoistic. People who assume themselves as non-questionable never think that there is one who will question them for all their wrong acts. If such a person is an atheist, then the Newton’s third law will apply here. An independent work who is at par with inner self, then he/she is really divine. This divinity will guide everyone to grow. This divinity will dissolve the bitterness among us. Unfortunately such divinity in human being has reduced to a larger extent. It is high time that an awareness on monitoring self ego should be spread across the universe. This will ensure that the independency be maintained at a smooth level as to not misunderstood as egotism.

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