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Yes, it really is not your fault… I believe you. Even if there is no one out here, I believe in you and will always believe in you.

I apologize on behalf of this filthy humanity, even though an apology may not be enough to cover up your deep wounds, not enough to cure that thought that comes every time you open up, every time you try to make your voice heard but fail, not enough to turn back the time and reverse everything that has happened to you. It might not be enough to let you be confident once again. I am really really sorry for what happened. I know what you need might not be an apology but a reason, a simple reason why someone did this to you, why did it even happen? Trust me, I shout out loud asking this world and everyone does seem to hear it but no one bothers to respond. They say it's your fault, our fault, they say you should have taken care of yourself, they silence you by whispering, “it’s your fault, it’s your fault for being like this.” But believe me, it isn’t. It is the bastard’s fault, it is his messed up mind’s fault and it is society’s fault.

It’s okay to cry out loud or it’s okay to silently cry, just remember there’ll always be this person out here supporting you, ready to listen to you.

I want to give a hug to you all but I know some of you just loathe physical touch… to be precise ‘human’ touch. I don’t blame you, I will never blame you. All that I will blame is this fucked up society. All I blame is those people who just turn their eyes, overlook everything, blame you and protect those in the wrong, ignore you, and don't believe you. Once again, I apologize to those out here who have suffered because of these vile humans.

I reach out to anyone and everyone and I send love to the survivors who aren't ready to speak, are mentally struggling, who never tell, are trying their best, are advocating for a change, and have ever been felt or been dismissed.

This might just not be enough for the devilishness of the world that had been unleashed upon you, but here I am trying to… no, we all people… who know the pain, who know the trauma that never leaves and always haunts you, we all are trying to get people to know, to eradicate this vulgar and filthy sexual assault/rape culture.

Once again and never stopping, I apologize to everyone out there. I believe you it really wasn’t any of your faults.

They scream “Don’t get raped” instead of “Don’t Rape” and then they ask why we don’t report it.

Instead of ‘protecting them’ why don't we ‘stop the perpetrators’?


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