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INTRODUCTION: Love is mixture of feeling Love is almost familiar word for you and others. Love is word but this word attract the people and many lovers in this world. Definition of Love is different for you and others but Love has own definition about love. You can express your love without words because love is inside you. Love is understand by everyone like human, animal, bird, nature and in silence you can deeply understand the feelings of love. Many people admire the beauty of love even they write many novel, poem, song and create love in music without using any word, this is because the beauty of love can not be expressed in one single word.

let's discuss about love and lovers.

Love like a light, You know, love like a sun light because sun light is actual white color and white light is a mixture of all color but with the help of eye visible power we can see the different color.

As it is, light of love is actual selfless love and love is mixture of all emotion but with the help of human psychology thinking and thought We can see different style of love.

Love reflection, White light is made of seven color of the Rainbow and who accept all color and reflect one color and make its own color it's called lover. Who except all color and reflect back all color is also known as lover. There are two line and explain each line with a deep example.

1. In love you want to be like the one you love.

2. You want to become a love.

First one let’s take example of Red Rose, Red is love and Rose is lover now rose want to become red (like love) so red rose accept all color and reflect one color is red (love) and make it own color is know as Red Rose. (love of lover). Rose is red lover. Second line let’s take example of Moon Light. Light is love and moon is lover now Moon accept actual white light from sun light(love) and reflect all the color and make it own light is called Moon Light. Moon become a love.

Style of love: light has seven color as love has seven psychology style.

1. Eros :- love an ideal person.

2. Ludos:- love as a game.

3. Storge:- love as friendship.

4. Mania:- (Eros +Ludos) obsessive love.

5. Pragma:- (Ludos +Storage) Realistic and practical love.

6. Agape:- (Eros +Storage) selfless love.

7. Philia :- Soul to Soul bond.

Love reflects love, it depends on you which style of love you want to back. There are many styles of love according to psychology But love has no styles, love is love the selfless love.


In Sanatan dharma love is know as 'Bhakti' which means the selfless love, selfless love is make a connection akin to soul mate. If a person in a love, they have a quality like Affection, kindness, compassion, gratitude, understand, selfness, joy, politeness etc. When a person realize love, the person give freedom to everyone and live a life with love and freedom. The famous lover was Mira, Radha, kabir, rahim, krishna, etc.

Lover:- There are many types lover. Rumi was a poet and there were many famous people who know as lover. It is possible to do selfless love because there were many record of lover in history and selfless is still running in this era. Bird name is 'chakor' is also know as moon bird (Moon Lover) because this bird waits for full moon night and no needs other food, chakor is keep watching whole night the moon and bird is filled with love by luminous ray of its beloved fill it joy and chakor accept moon light as love and reflects love towards moon There’re many types of lover:-

1. Ailurophile:- 

Animal lovers. there also exist some people who love particular type of animal.          

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Who loves stars it’s called astrophile. Have a look at the sky on gloomy night. If you are not an astrophile, You will be one on that night, star lover

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For all introverts, as they enjoy their own company and don't need anyone to accompany. Autophile are the people who love to be alone and does not like much to be social butterfly. They love to spend time but herself/himself is called self-lover.        

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Who Love books or strongly believe in books are humans best friend. Who can spend the lifetime by side of books It’s called booklover.    

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are the kind of people who find comfort in cold weather by wearing those hoodies, Bunny cap, gloves. People love one season or other season, Season lover.                    

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6.Clinophile:- Love to lie in a bed all day long, Bed lover.      

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7.Cynophile:- Dog lover.                          

8.Heliophile :- This kind of person is rare to find, who has love for the sun is called sun lover.                                          

9.Photophile:- A person who loves light is called photophile, light lover.     

10.Legophile:- Who has immense love for words, word lover.

11.Nyctophile:- Dream of sitting over rooftop in gloomy night which someone is special and discuss over the things as 3 am a version of a person is different is called nyctophli, dream Lover.                  

12.Pogonophile:- Man With a beard is handsome and attractive. both male and females, who are found of beards are called Pogonophile.     

13.Selenophile:-Moon lover.

14.Stimatophile:- Last but not least who love to draw over their body part is called stimagtophile. Are mostly found in western country, tattoo lover.              

15.Thalassophile :- The person who loves to spend time by the sea it's called thalassophile. They can never be bored of setting or laying on lap of the sea for hours and hours they love sea, sea lovers.              It is also possible this all Phile in one person because,  a person has filled with love and joy so person spread their love everywhere and love all those thing which around him love reflects love.                                                          

Love is like internet:- when you on the switch of net, you can easily connected to everyone right, it is wireless connection. we can’t touch and see net, but net make a simple way to contact, sharing, data collection and information.                                               

As it is, love is also wireless connection and when you realize, how to on love switch so you can easily connected to everyone and understand other feelings without use any word. Love also makes simple and free life. You just know how to on switch.             

Thank you