Image by press from Pixabay 

It's that point in life when you have been through so much, that you have none left to give. Your feelings are no longer relevant, so you start not to express them. People soon start to believe that you have none at all, but the truth is, you are feeling a lot more than they think, you will just never show them. Because you are at this point, where you notice how many people really have an understanding of how people feel. Listening to your friends and family talk about their feelings but you have yours locked away. I am at that point in life, but I believe I am far beyond it. I have started to feel nothing no sadness, happiness, and sometimes not even pain. People ask me to let people in and stop being so reserved. But bitter truth is that no one really understands and I don't know whom to trust. Therefore, I don't. But the irony is that let people know about how you feel.. believe me, it makes you feel much better than hiding them away.

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